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13-year-old Ghanaian girl beats 14-year-old friend to death over boyfriend

14-year-old Maa Abena who got into a fight with her 13-year-old Faustina Korankye over a boyfriend in the neighborhood,  was beaten to death in the fight that happened at Asamang in Afigya Sekyere East Constituency of the Ashanti Region, Ghana.


In an interview with Abusua FM’s Osei Kwadwo, the deceased’s family member disclosed that Maa Abena was stabbed by her friend Faustina Korankye, but thanks to the efforts of doctors she survived.

However, after she got discharged she got into another fierce fight on Thursday evening with Faustina, who punched the same spot the deceased was stabbed last month with a hefty blow, sending Maa Abena to the ground writhing in severe pain.

Adomonline reports that the deceased was rushed to Asamang Government Hospital for treatment but she lost her life. Her body has been deposited at the hospital’s morgue pending autopsy. The family of the deceased however failed to confirm or deny rumours that the two were fighting over a man, as Faustina Korankye who has been arrested by Effiduase Police Command, is already helping with investigations.


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79 Comments on "13-year-old Ghanaian girl beats 14-year-old friend to death over boyfriend"

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What a world.. RIP dee

u say na 13yrs old beats 14 yrs old to death, na with hand or weapon? abi de girl na animal in human form.. still cant bliv it

Read before you comment. Wetin you no believe…. Strength no be by age.

Rita Anthony but he read it and said exactly as written by laila….

13 &14, ohhh wetin dey happn to our world

Small small children

Nawaoo. ..God forbid I will fight because of a bf
Sense fall on them..

Boyfriend not even husband Nawa for some ladies

Which ladies biko?, nawa to ‘still to be teenagers’

Am just passing ooo

Which Ladies???

They are children not ladies.

I have heard u all tnx

Ladies Kwa? She is still a kid

13&14 issorite….


Shame to the families of both girls.12 nd 13 years fighting over a boyfriend.When there mates are in school winning awards.


Huh?!! (Mouth agape)

She mistakenly died.

Over a 15 years boyfriend I guess… Psycopaths!!

Bcus of boy u kill person,shey na u nd d boy go stay prison now..mtcheeeew

Fight ya way majestically to the prison.

Children of NASA days my God help

DX ones are disgrace to womanhood

Hahaha she CNT liv without that big cassava

Boyfrnd Wot???
Wot Ages again pls.
Notin person no go hear!!!!!
Lemme cum be going

She killed herself…. Why engage with her in another fight when they just discharged her from treating her injury from the first fight.

The lady went to her again

The unwell lady went for the 13 yrs girl and she hit her hard in that same spot again.

Cucumber don fall on her still finish her

Hmm a girls of 14 and 13

What is the problem

This is sign of end time……. the boyfriend should either follow one person to prison or the other one hell.Nonsense #yeyedeysmell

@Lailasblog u need Jesus to save u frm lies, na those women be 13 nd 14 years abi?

They are mad


na wetin our nigeria dey turn to God help your children ooo

Its Ghana not Nigeria

Ghana oo and not nigeria.. abeg read well…


Na wa RIP


Even children too

imagine at deir age dae are fighting over a guy….dae shud sent her 2death as well

Oooo what a world we are in now!!!!even the minors aren’t left behind? ??


See what you have done to yourself. Because of boyfriend.

Useless people


After leavin d hospital she went for another fight again?she too like man.atleast der are angles up der

Dats ridiculous

So sad young girl over a man they should Be home learn how to be a woman


Hmmm this one touched me oo

Gananians are powerful like this

she kil for a man who is just a bf at 13, hmmmmm wot wil she do when she wil b married at 30. gal u b killer

Wow dat girl hav been killing frm birth

Abeg I need to watch part 2,wake her up. Stupidity at the highest order. Hv girls asked themselves why guys no dey fight over a girl? Rather they will be sharing the pussy. But girls no wan share rather they will engage in fighting. Even those that are saying God Forbid una own worst. Una may not engage in physical fight but spiritual battle. Battle na battle

I cnt even fight my fellow woman cus of my husband nt to talk of boy frnd….. Ok dey were fighting , u people are busy snaping pix without separating d quarel/fight.


I’m from Ghana and very current with news. It’s actually the first time I’m hearing this “interesting story” and viewing these pictures. I wonder which planet you got this from.

Sense fall on them abeg

instead of them to be reading their textbooks, they are fighting over a boy. i wonder what their parents were doing at that time…

Autopsy for wat na

if there are 13 ,14 me i be 9yrs,no let me talk mordan dis

Those girls are above that age, u guys should stop posting nonsense. I don’t believe this

Congratulations to both the living and the dead, and thank God the bod in question is still alive and in good health, soon he will look for someone else to date. don’t wise up, allow the devil to whatever

This is foolishness

What has 13yrs know about boyfriend oh what an evil world we are living inn

Fake pictures

I hope other teenagers will learn from dis!

Hmm I’m just passing o no comment


Imagine, how old are you both that you’re fighting over a guy?

May her soul rest in hell

Na waa oooo

Must evribody have boifrend…….chai

Nawo ooooo becos of boy……frnd

Small children that will focus on their studies, they are here fighting over boy friend

Abi now

A man dat will not help ur vision

The 2 of them are fools

d 14 yr old gl bi mumu after dey discharge am she go fight y she no go die.funny enough d guy may not lyk any of them mumu(s)


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