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14-year-old Girl slashes manhood of rapist with razor in Katsina

Arraigning 30-year-old Bishir Yau Yargase village in Kankara local government area of Katsina State, before a Senior Magistrate Court in Katsina State, his prosecutor, Kabir Mohammed, disclosed that the suspect  sometime last month allegedly lured 14-year-old Abasiya Tukur who resides in the same house with him, into a nearby uncompleted building, and “forcefully had unlawful sexual intercourse with her.”

However, it was gathered that Abasiya Tukur slashed the manhood of her rapist Yau, with a razor blade while attempting to free herself from his grips in Katsina State.

The prosecutor noted that the offence was contrary to section 283 of Penal Code law. The police, through its First Information Report with number; KT/741X/17 , read to Yau’s hearing in court said:

“On struggling to get herself from him, She (the victim) brought out a razor blade and cut his joystick.”

Praying that the case be adjourned as investigation was still in process, Mohammed said, “It is a case of rape for mention.’’

Vanguard reports that the Magistrate, Hajiya Fadile Dikko adjourned the case to 19 July, 2017, for mention.

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90 Comments on "14-year-old Girl slashes manhood of rapist with razor in Katsina"

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correct babe…


I wish the girl had slashed his manhood before the rape , wicked man

Good news


That serves him right


This is a very clear act of self defense. Weldone girl, you’re good.


That’s badt

Are u weeping for the girl or the guy,make ur point clear

For the guy, that lil bitch went extra

Is she is ur sister would u say the same thing?think before u talk except if u re like him

Chydo i put it to u dat u are a rapist and soon the anger of God will fall on u,if dat girl were to be ur sister am sure u would av take her to kfc for compesation,do u know the shock dat idiot made her go through?u beta change ur mentality cos its very low,we should encourage women to stand up in matters like this and defend themself ,but here u are encouraging the act of rape am ashamed of u chydo

Shut the fuck Up Chukwudumebi Ubaka
I can’t encourage rape all I said is that the lil bitch went extra by using razor on the guy!! Talk shit again and I’ll rape your old ugly ass ???

What do u expect her to do u?mr man if i slap u stupidity will disapear from ur empty skull,hehehehehe

Chukwudumebi Ubaka just let him be by their words we shall know dem,you will be expose one day idiot guy rapist

Good 4 him

I need to see that 14 years old to give her my respect and my next semester school fees.


Lol omor she too try

Lol I dey tell you


Very good..
Best news ever…

Frequency Unlimited

Well done girl?

Nice one baby girl, you tried

That’s my girly…Wehdon


Take a chilled coke on my head young lady.

Nize one

Very good

Noooooo I don’t like dis abeg

What is it u dont like ,so u would av prefer the idiot rape her to death abi?

Answer madam

She wouldn’t answer

Why will she answer? Kai some people self ehhh….

Is the manhood for you?

Noooooo dats not what I mean OK if it was ur brother’s will you be happy

And if she is ur sister dat was rape to death will u b happy

Noooooo I won’t am sorry

Confusion everywhere!!! ???

@ Chinaza Fidelis no nau, haha

@saadat Soso lolz ur funny?

Hahahahaha make una shift lemme pass

Abeg make una shift make Chris Nancy faint oo!! Make una nor bring water come oo to wake her oo cuz na she decide to faint alone oo

I will be over happy


Best news of the year …….o

The girl must have been a very smart girl; I love that

Come, dey shld not do anytin 2 dis girl oo. Dat is self defence. Girl, take another razor and finish d manhood..

Another razor blade keh,dat one ll big cutlass is d best

Anyow, make she just find any other sharp object jare..

???? babe you make me laugh. Na true talk jare

B4 nko

Abi now, they should rather use her as an example to other female children if any guy tempered with them in such way

Better, nice one

i luv that. good one


Good children must learn to fight karate

All na for this girl Abeg join me and do the same

She is brave…ur 2rd name na bravo correct babe

Omo daadaa

Any man who receives such punishment should not complain. its self defense.why forcing your dirty self on little girl ?

Ur ryt dear

Well done

U did well my dear….hope u removed it from d body totally…..i hope no one ll arest or punish her for anything ooooo bcos she has not done anything.

Best news ever…. She’s smart… May we have more girls like her, who will be bold enough to do this


How do i celebrate this beautiful child/girl!
She’s my hero. Love,love her a lot biko already.
1 down. I hope he never get to use that dick in his life again.
Laila biko find out if he’s now a ? girl.

Good I love your courage

Darling you are d smartest,30 billion 4 ur account, pure self defense


Good for the man

Very good new

Nyc o e

Laila is today your birthday? See the sweet news you just gave us this morning…..God bless this little girl #legend

Nice one

Serves him right. Bloody stupid rapist.

Congrats girl anywhere u dey, u deserve an award.

Kudos girl

Oh Wow! Gud gal, in jenifas voice *i am priding in you* next time he wants to rape he will remba dis penis surgery you did for him free of charge..

Lols oo

Hehehe, nah so, nothing weh person no go hear

Slashing things on point.
Babe bravo
In fact come take knife in case he wants revenge

Good for him

Good for him

Serves him right

Oh..very good..

Gud for him

Nne high five….. 30 billion for your account

Which of d katsina?? Is it katsina state dat I am / d 1 in Niger state???


Dats very gud for dah idiot

Pauline \'Lina\' Ife

Good job she did. N


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