Monday, December 31

My Last Post For 2012 Is Dedicated To You!

God knows, from the depth of my heart, that I totally appreciate you cos I owe my success as a blogger this year to you, my dear reader.

So, tonight, the last day of 2012, I want you to know how grateful I am to have you in my life and how much you mean to me.

Thank you for being there for me through the most difficult times in my blog life.

Thank you for standing up for me when them 'haters' hit on me.

Thank you for being genuinely happy for my success and good fortune, as if it were your own.

Thank you for forgiving my faults, and immature lapses in judgment, and for tolerating my idiosyncrasies.

Remember my post about Uche Jombo n her ring one time, I actually got to apologise to her and we made up.

Thank you for the phone calls, whatsapp messages, e-mails, tweets, DMs, and IMs of support when I was overwhelmed with life and pregnancy.

Thank you for being my blog reader always, not just when it was convenient.

Thanks for letting me vent, cry and letting me be me on my blog.

Thank you for making time for me, even on your busiest days.

Thank you for your comments, I keep them as my treasure.

Thank you for being honest with me when I really needed you to be.

Thank you for asking how I’m doing, and actually wanting to hear the answer.

When I wasn't posting, you guys really called me, some from UK, it made my days.

Thank you for hugs, smiles, sending me stories/pictures I made posts out of.

Thank you for being my friend, my family online, my motivator.

Thank you for walking into 2013 on my side!

We are winners 2013!!!!!

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