Sunday, January 20

Check Out Don Jazzy's Kind Of Girl!

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*lol* Just kidding. That's actually the woman with the biggest hips in the world!

But here's what Don Jazzy has to say about his spec when it comes to women:
The way she looks, talks and how she carries herself. With due respect to slim ladies, there is no way any lady shaped like a broom can attract my full attention. I’m sorry but that’s the truth.  
My ideal woman must be God-fearing. She must have all the basic curves in the right places. The rounder and bigger her chest and backside, the better,”


  1. Laila na wa 4u,lol!
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  2. well, dats y they say different strokes for different folks... Me wee take a slim geh over a curvy or fat geh anytime any day... Pkomkwem !

    Ps - dat womans ship... Sorry hips na die o.. *scared*

  3. laila y u dey swear for don jazzy, see babe wey u wan gve am.

  4. Me likey, my kind of woman, slim gals turn me off! @ future wife, pls make sure u are fat!

  5. Na wa, different guys with differnt choice, my bf love ma slim sexy body,


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