Sunday, April 14

And Here's My N3000 Airtime Winner!!!!

These were the first 3 correct answers - Anonymous, Anotonio Omeihe and Emmonfclassic.
And our winner is Anonymous 12:33, with phone number ending with 7430.

So, please dear Anonymous, to redeem your prize, call us on 080 808 10909.
The phone number you call me with has to end with these 4 digits - 7430

And please, if after 3 days, we don't get your call, our first runnerup takes your place.

So guys, that's it for today.

I'm thanking for doing this for us. Please visit their website and download for free latest music releases and also get to promote your music for free!

I will be having another giveaway real sooon. So, do stick around. *winks
Thank you so much for your time, lov y'all.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you jesus....dancing azonto

Anonymous said...

Can I call dis nyt or 1st tin 2mao morning, wat tym will be convenient laila. *still dancing azonto*

Anonymous said...

love you too LAILA

ij bby said...

​ℓ☺ℓ, keep dancing o! I knw how it feels to win! If I were u, I'd call laila by 3am *straight face* LMAO


Anonymous said...

Thanks Great Site.

Lucasbalo said...

Cheap prize.

BonkoINC said...

Lol.....laila u try

Emmonfclassic said...

ouch almost made it.....oh laila why can't it be 3 winners

Deekay said...

Congrats, peeps. :)

ij bby said...

Onye oshi! Gaan rob a bank na, since its cheap! Silly!!!

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