Thursday, July 18

Actress Oge Okoye Shows Off Her Uncompleted Mansion

See the yet to be completed building after the cut.
Hard work really pays off. Good one.



  1. Nice one Oge.... Buh dat tall building in d next compound will surely pose a threat to u.... Better go and buy it and assure ur safety n privacy

    1. Hian, kuriza isi na gini, how can a neighbouring cpd pose a threat to her, lol pple can sha be funny eh. Oge congrats dear

  2. Good one, e no easy.

  3. Congrats Oge.

  4. Congrats gal, hardwork really pays.

  5. Congrats... Hard work + good luck + favour + grace = success. I doubt if anyone works harder than those men and women carrying sand and cement when building a house...

    1. It is favor and good luck not always hardwork

  6. Nice one girl,u inspire mi,

  7. africaintels.com18 July 2013 at 20:02

    that,s encouraging.go girl. for political issues visit

  8. Congrats babez. Keep up d hard work. #bighug.

  9. hard work or hard fuck? useless society where they celebrate everything dat has money. even a dog will be celebrated in Nigeria as long as its got money to spend.
    hard work is all there in mushin oshodi idumota.

  10. Look how close the 2 buildings are..smh!!

    The way some Nigerians build their houses , I just can't comprehend.

    You will both block natural light from coming in, and perhaps air, even. Not a good idea.

    On the other hand, this is good news. Happy for you!!
    You're one of the good actresses we have it Naija. Keep it up.



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