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Akon Challenges All African Americans In USA To Move Back To Africa


Akon Challenges All African Americans In USA To Move Back To Africa

Akon, obviously bitter with George Zimmerman not being found guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin posted this statement on his Instagram account yesterday.

And sure enough his statement sparked a hot debate on his timeline as some of his fans agreed with him, some didn’t.
Read their reactions after the cut.







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14 Comments on "Akon Challenges All African Americans In USA To Move Back To Africa"

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Adekunle Kazeem

That's not the solution. Face the music. US belong to you all.
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Akon wetin u want make them dey do if dem cum back to AFRICA xpecially 9ja. Cus most we already av too many jobless people.

Frank Talk

If all africans leave America that place is doomed. Footballers and Athletes representing them in lots of stuff are black and they have the gall to castigate them. idiats

Oluyomi Odukoya

I feel him I'm also grieved at this decision but what can we do???


That's d dumbest move! Africans and black Americans don't have anything in common except our skin colour! Africa?!! Coupled with its useless leaders/rulers! They should stay in America cos that's where they belong!


I don't agree with Akon that it's not the solution to this problem. If we all move back to Africa what will happen? We just got to deal with it.

Obinna Chukz

oh is he just knowing that fact?….wonder why he went there in the first place………
lead by example and go back to Senegal and watch others follow.




Abeg make una Dey wer una dey o! If na africa na 5years dem go judge d case until every body for d case die finish -fineboy1pimple 2a6f2335

ExoticEyez MiMi

Naaaa they should stay put abeg we are already over populated.


akon i agree wiht you i high time those over white colour should put an end to this racisim and so called obama is there all this is happening may God judge them all


but Akon if i may ask what re u still doing over there


Let him start †ђξ move…


He just showed he is truly African na §ø we Det think drastic decision for drastic problems d last time I checked obama was still d president


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