Monday, July 8

#BBATheChase: Melvin Puts Himself Up For Eviction

During tonight's live nomination show, Big Brother African Housemate and Head of House Diamond House, Melvin shocked everyone when he chose not to save himself.
Thereby putting himself up for eviction alongside Selly, Pokello, Natasha, Annabel, and Cleo.

Guess he's trying to test how much Africans love him.


  1. Guess he's trying to test how much Africans love him."
    Lol! Mayb

  2. Not at all! He has a good heart. I hope you all see that n vote n also mobilize votes 4 him plsssssss.

  3. Melvin oh Melvin!why hath thou decided to be stupid?!...I hope you do not regret this....

    Stinson N'abania

  4. I hope dis ya strategy doesn't backfire o!

  5. i do not think melvin is stupid. if africans vote 4 him, dats kul.if dey don't, life goes on.but pls, let's all unite and vote 4 him. tnx.

  6. Na stupidity be that now...I hope he gets evicted sef!

  7. Melvin dis is crazy though but I no u aint comin bak

  8. niccuh jes pulled a karen..... Not a wise move.
    I jes hope it doesnt backfires on his ass eventually... No joke

  9. Very risky decision Melvin, I was not surprised though, was very sure that what you will do and you didn't disappoint me. I wish you all the best.

  10. *****Strolling by*** Let the games begin..

  11. Good strategy,..let the chase begin

  12. Ok
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  13. After he put up hakeem and he left,I guess he felt him

    1. exactly. hope he is saved.

  14. I pray he doesn't get evicted..naija is voting for u love



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