Sunday, July 7

#BBATheChase: Question Of The Day

So, last night, our dear sweet Bev of Bev got to share a loooong kiss with South African housemate  Angelo, obviously to relieve some sexual tension.
And like everyone's been talking about it.

Beverly, Angelo, hot in the mood had disappeared into their room and started making out. Passions ignited, Angelo got on top of the Nigerian model and was ready for the next move before Beverly kinda got back to her senses and pushed him off.

Add that to all the other passionate scenes we have seen this year on Big Brother Africa, and that brings me to my question, and pleaseee guys, let's answer truthfully.


If you were a housemate, do you think you would act as sex- starved as most of these housemates have done?


  1. Sometimes after a while these people forget they're on camera, and even if they're camera conscious they love the attention. Either way people are talking about them. That's why they're paid to go on the show.

    And to answer your question -obviously it depends on the body. While some have self control,others don't. You might claim self-control today but when you're in that situation your body will tell us otherwise. Body no be firewood ...especially if you've tasted the forbidden fruit.

    African BB seems to have a lot to do with sex than any other thing, and if that's not your cuppa tea change the channel and stop with the condemnation, people.

    1. What I know is they are both very in ewwwwww!

    2. I know, right?! Gross.

      I wish Laila would add other articles already so this one won't be the first thing I see when I visit.

    3. looks like 2 girls sharing a kiss !!not so cute after all!!! ewwh

    4. Exactly! I actually thought they were both girls sharing a kiss. Na dem sabi

  2. It's not easy to be in a room with the opposite sex for 90 days. Honestly, it's not easy.

    1. it rilly isnt easy, but with d cameras watching ur every move?.... Ah ! one jes have to make it easy

    2. Austin, I wish you would stop typing "jes".

      You make a lot of sense in your comments but that ends up ruining the content of your posts.

    3. someone referred to you in another post, what's your damn business on how Austin chooses to write? Well am sure ij bby will not support you on this one because Austin is one of her top readers on this blog.

      I trust Austin will not let you off lightly this time.

      Come on Austin!!!

    4. It's my business cos I read his comments, and like I said he makes a lot of sense, so he's not someone whose comments I ignore when I see.

      Of course it's his choice to write that way, or not. It just doesn't look good on him.

      Just like everyone cannot and will not agree with everything I say is the same way for Ij-she's entitled to her opinion. Why are you trying to make her out to be something she's not. I know where you're going with this, but if you want drama, you are sure wasting your time.

    5. Decay my dear, in any view, is not ur biz on how Austin or indeed any other reader writes. So, pls don't try and justify ur stupidity. Ok? Bye

      By d way, who r u sef? D boss? Abeg go sleep joor! ITK.

    6. (You might wanna take your own advice while you're at it....>neither is what I write any of your business)

      Not holding a gun to his head; it's just an advice so quit blowing things out of proportion.

      You can breathe now.

      And it's pronounced DEE/kay, with the stress on the DEE, and not the other way round.

      I'm sure you're one of those Nigerians that mispronounce fiancée, director, finance, etc.


      My presence on here seems to be pissing a lot of people off. Hahahaha!! Didn't know my comments were THAT powerful :)

    7. Lol....Madt man of Life! Am sure ur gay

  3. one neva can tell these tins until ur faced with it, then u will either control urself or let urself go.... But, d baffling thing is this, knowing fully well that cameras are err where, dat alone shld douse any kinda tension u seem to have... I also gotta give it to bev for comin back to her senses, she aint ma favourite Nigerian, but she sure is a strong gurl

    Once more, are these people not concerned bout all d cameras watching em? I mean, d whole africa is watching u do sum shii dat is supposed to be private.... Smh

    1. It's true sha, no need doing something I'd regret later..

  4. With d cameras, I won't do such
    xpecially when u knw ur families are watching.

  5. They make kissing look so unappealing.......ewwww

  6. Hmmm wt d camera and pple seeing me I no go try am. sylvar

  7. For me!!!! Am speakin for ma self...I would make real frendship after bba anytn can ff.... Bba iz all bout love, sex ,money.....minus brains!!

  8. A person with well honed self control n good conciousness will not resort to these acts even when locked in a house no matter for how long and told family n friends plus a whole continent is watching your every move because your dignity n personality is at stake. Its only one who is carefree that will damn cameras n the after effects n get down. There is life after BBA

    1. u took it out of me!! Nice comment!!

  9. Eeewww...'Grossest' kiss I've ever the way,I'm sure I wouldn't do any of this stuff when I know there are cameras.private stuff should remain private.

  10. Bevery *in natasha's voice

  11. All dis gurls will falling our hand in BBA.....#shes has feelins tho!!! I know dey will blame it on alchohol.

  12. The girl looks like a man!!



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