Tuesday, July 9

Boko Haram Begs For Forgiveness, Signs Ceasefire Deal

Yesterday, Imam Muhammadu Marwana, an influential member of the Boko Haram sect, confirmed a ceasefire agreement with the Federal Government to end their deadly activities.
Vanguard reports that sounding apologetic during the Radio France Hausa Service news, Imam Marwana said:
WE are seeking forgiveness from the people over the number of people killed in the country. 
I appeal to those who lost their loved ones to our activities to forgive us and on our side we have forgiven all those who committed atrocities against us. 

I  want to state clearly that we have no hands in the unfortunate attack on the secondary school (Government Secondary School, Mamudo, Yobe State).
And to confirm the ceasefire deal sign, the Federal Government, through the Minister of Special Duties and Head of Boko Haram Amnesty Committee, Tanimu Turaki, yesterday, said that it had signed a ceasefire agreement with the militant group.

Although details of the peace deal were scanty, Turaki who spoke in Hausa further said that the Boko Haram insurgents had agreed to lay down their arms. Turaki told his interviewers:
We have sat down and agreed that Jama’atu Ahlul Sunnah Lidda’awati wal Jihad, known as Boko Haram will lay down their arms as part of the agreement so as to end the insurgency. Government agreed with ceasefire and will look into ways to ensure that the troops relax their activities till the final take off of the ceasefire,”  

Meanwhile, efforts by SaharaReporters to confirm with the presidency this stunning development have not yet yielded results, but it is to be noted that NigeriaVillageSquare.com reported the same story a few days ago.

In that press statement, Boko Haram said the ceasefire would be in effect for 60 days, and that during the period, any attacks in its name or in the name of its leader, Imam Shekau, would be bogus attacks.

 A source knowledgeable about the workings of Boko Haram, however, told Saharareporters that the ceasefire agreement announced by the Nigerian government should be discounted until Imam Abubakar Shekau issues a video message to state the position of the sect.
The source further stated that so far, this new ceasefire agreement looks much like the phony ones before it.


  1. My God ! We truly live in a sick country.... So am hoping that this would be a sick joke.... #speechless#

  2. Can the devil ever get born again? if you believe this lies then you can believe anything. *smh*

    1. I wonder!!!!

    2. Wondering same here. But let's all hope that its 4 real just 4 the safety of the families affected $ the yet to be affected. God will surely see us through in this part of the world. #im thinking of cross-capeting to space#

  3. Meaning dey wanna be pure bcos of dis ramadan period..... Dy wud definately pay 4 it......

    1. Yea! On point! They wanna be pure and afterwards go back to their attrocities..

  4. They are saying this bvecause they are weakened by the effect of the emmergency rule in their hot bed.

  5. Because Rammadan fast is about to commence they have come up with this facade, God will judge them accordingly.

  6. I cn't believe dem 60 days

  7. Yes o, it's because of Ramadan and once it's over, they will resume their activities.. What a sick joke.

    1. @Oluyomi,u dey follow me everywhere i go?...i go begin to follow u too lol.

  8. The argument against negotiating with terrorists is simple: Democracies must never give in to violence, and terrorists must never be rewarded for using it.

    Yet in practice, democratic governments often negotiate with terrorists. The British government maintained a secret back channel to the Irish Republican Army even after the IRA had launched a mortar attack on 10 Downing Street that nearly eliminated the entire British cabinet in 1991. In 1988, the Spanish government sat down with the separatist group Basque Homeland and Freedom (known by its Basque acronym ETA) only six months after the group had killed 21 shoppers in a supermarket bombing. Even the government of Israel -- which is not known to be soft on terrorism -- has strayed from the supposed ban: in 1993, it secretly negotiated the Oslo accords even though the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) continued its terrorist campaign and refused to recognize Israel's right to exist.

    Anyone remember US-Taliban talks in Doha? Now Nigerian government is set to negotiate with Boka Haram?

    In my opinion, this ceasefire agreement (if it is true) undercuts international efforts to outlaw terrorism, and set a dangerous precedent.

    1. hmmmm.... So from what u have intelligently stated, it simply means the world now has a new name and concept for terrorism; GLORIFIED MILITANCY

      I dey vex.... No joke

    2. It seems to me that, if you can't beat them, then negotiate with them is now the prevailing state of things. Again, in my view, this is wrong.

  9. i would have said about time they do, but who knows if this is not one of fed govt way of calming things down?

    In naija, just take the things govt said as they say it, believe it at ur own risk

  10. This is a joke OK we are watching.

  11. these ppl dnt av sense...1st of all who r d ppl dat commited attrocities against them...who has time 4 dem mtcheww!!!...shio. they r beggin 4 4givness now....for pete's sake criminals shld be punished ohh. punishment dsnt mean they hvnt bn 4given but the ppl dey av killed are just too much., the families they hv affected are just soo many. dat very xmas day dat dey killd ppl...mtcheeeww!!! jus shakin ma head 4 dis whole issue...

  12. This people r up 2 no good! Asking for forgiveness after all the lives dt has being lost? I bet dey r cookn up new strategy's nd its left 4 jona nd othrs 2 act dumb on dis issue!!

  13. I am not interested..the JTF shld keep up the job..let them kill them all.they are beyond wild animals

  14. 60 or no 60days the should go to hell God will protect his country and his people so the even know that the have been killin innocent peepz all this while and preventin youth from the north from flexin hmmmmmm God will haddle them his own way soon



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