Sunday, July 14

Boko Haram Denies Ceasefire With Nigeria, Threatens To Burn Down More Schools

In a 15-minute video, received by The Associated Press through intermediaries, the Boko Haram sect headed by Abubakar Shekau has denied entering into any ceasefire agreement with the Federal Government.
A denial which contradicts last week Monday’s claim by Minister of Special Duties, Kabiru Turaki.
Speaking in native Hausa in the video, Shekau said:
We will not enter into any agreement with non-believers or the Nigerian government. 
The Quran teaches that we must shun democracy, we must shun Western education, we must shun the constitution.

Rather, shaking a finger while cradling an assault rifle in the video, the bearded leader of Nigeria's extremist Islamic sect threatened to burn down more schools and kill teachers. Though he denies his fighters are killing children.
We don’t touch small children, we only burn the schools. Our religion does not permit us to touch small children and women, we don’t kill children. 
 School teachers who are teaching Western education? We will kill them! We will kill them!" he warns, wagging his finger. 
We support the work (attacks) they did at the school at Mamudo and Damaturu, and other attacks in other schools. And we are going to burn down more schools, if they are not Islamic religious schools for Allah.
Mr Shekau however confirmed that Boko Haram wasn't responsible for the attack on a government secondary school in Mamudo where about 28 students and a teacher were killed, burnt alive when gunmen attacked the school.


  1. Wat will dis people stand to gain from d bloodshed

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaa....may God HELP this Country ooo...more stories HERE

  3. Even in the midst of rammadan fast they are declaring war, issuing threats and applauding previous bloodshed with promises of more to come. I thot the religion of Allah is termed as a religion of peace. Smh

    1. It is,just some people misinterpret alot in the Quran. Ramadan is an holy month even if they are stupid enough to do this rubbish normally they shouldn't be doing it no,they should not even be killing atall. Everybody has a right to believe in what they what to believe,preach to them no problem. If they listen good,if they don't still okay. They should not force their believes on people.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Is this really necessary? Killing innocent people God have mercy.

  6. Ur condeming western edu yet ur using video equipment made frm westrn eductn? Make everybody for north buy addidas sports shoe ready o incase... One dey dey will come to dier sences..fineboy1pimple 2a6f2335

  7. When will all dez madness stop? May God protect His children frm dez evil men!

  8. What is wrong with these people?

  9. i knew it..... Dat that report was a sick joke

  10. I tot so too.....fake report... U live by d sword u die by it...

  11. Was there a ceasefire in the first place? They will go into oblivion very soon!

  12. Mr suicide bomber, your sponsors are home sleeping and tell u virgins are waiting for you. Don't they need the virgins as well. Stop being foolish. Be wise

  13. This guy na fool o, Gun in his hand:western education made it possible, The clothes on his back:western education made it possible, the means he is passing the message:western education made it possible. And he said the new generation should not be taught the modern ways, oya he should wear leaves and animal skin naaa.


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