Friday, July 5

Caption This Photo Of Osita Iheme *lol*

You can't beat his swag, guys. *heehehe*


  1. Looool......he's jst a lucky fellow!!!

  2. lil fibernache.... Lmao
    Whats up with those male dolls tho... Jes asking..

    1. Mr austin, let me ask: is it the name 'Fibbonacci' dat u r murdering like dis? Pls its an italian name like Gucci, Cicci all pronounced wit the 'cci' sounding like 'chi'. Do ur research b4 u come and start destroying names. Hw will u feel if ur name is spelt as 'Ushe'?

    2. @ edima....get the pole out your a** bro! It ain't that serious. This is an entertainment blog not a freakin' acting degree class exam. Take your shenanigans some place else.

    3. I tire for @edima o! Even if u want to correct one, u should go about it the right way not by mockery!

    4. Edima is ITK, if not how would he or she think I made up a story regarding someone's pin. Still waiting for the evidence you supposedly have.

    5. anon 14:26 ....GBAM!!

    6. @Edima... Fanks for d correction... I guess dats wah u wanted me to say... There, i said it..
      And thanks to err body else dah defended a broda... Preciate

  3. That's the only way he can get the attention he wants.

  4. @Oluyomi, Are U a Lesbian? Why were y

  5. no long thing



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