Saturday, July 13

Femi Kuti Denies Laying Out Rules For Dating His Daughter

Afrobeat star Femi Kuti has denied laying out rules for dating his daughter, not to talk of being the one wearing this customized T-shirt with the list at the back.
Before another blogger gets sued for wrong info.


  1. Wao bloggers need to be on guard lest they fall prey to fabricated stories and get slapped with a lawsuit, Laila dear please be extremely cautious.

    1. He did jor . . .thats him click HERE for more gist

  2. U r fastidious laila....nw diz iz gud journalism....kip flyin High!!!

  3. This shirt has being on net since last yr

  4. Truth be said....d person putin on d shirt looks like father femi...buh iz nt enuf reason to say wat u don't knw......dos wannabe bloggers...frm nairaland nd naijapals.... Evrytn copy nd paste!!

  5. Mcheeeww!! He really shouldn't have bothered addressing this cos even if it was really him in the pic, it's just a t-shirt. Not like he has time for silliness by printing such on t-shirt.

    Even if someone said it was him, it was most likely a joke, cos of the similarity between the person in the pic and Femi.

    Some things are highly unnecessary.

  6. Thank God he cleared the issue but bloggers have to be careful when publishing news.

  7. I never wore....mehn that dude resemble you. Anyway, thank goodness, no more rules.
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