Thursday, July 4

Guess Me From Below

He says he is sooooo addicted to buying jewellries, that he can't stop. Who do you think this  is? *winks


  1. It's Davido or Dbanj

  2. Dbanj
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  3. And on the beat is Davido. . .

  4. Omo baba olowo

  5. This is either Davido or Dbanj.. I'm not good at guessing.

  6. Is my love davido no doubt

  7. Its Dbanj, cos of the jesus crucifix he acquired after joining kanye west and jayZ crew. He also wore it on his $25k suit recently.


  9. it so DBANJ....Devil's agent

  10. This is wizkid. Look at the square shoulders.

  11. I wuld av said olumaintain but olu's shoulder is broader,this is not dbanj he his not use 2 dat kind of outfit (cloth) and dbanj's chest is nt dat flat,and as for DAVIDO i dnt think xo he doesnt kip TEDDY to hiz lower Jaw,THIS can neva be wizkid small bdy

  12. That has got to be Aki.... Paw paw's 2nd! Am very sure....

  13. Replies
    1. Welcome back, Anwuli. Although I don't know you personally, I'm glad you're back. I sent you a message on fb when I didn't see your comments on Laila's blog. I have a confession to make, but I will only confess when you reply me. If you don't, well, my confession would die with me.

    2. I said it!!! So, u be WITCH?? Abeg confess everything o!

      In Austin Uche's voice *No joke*


    3. Decay ...wats ur own dere??

    4. So this is what Oluyomi was referring to.

      1-I don't type like that.
      2-"I said it!!!" Said what? And when did I say it?
      3-What has that reply got to do with the both of you's convo?

      Whoever used my name to type such nonsense is nothing but a coward. If you have a problem with her then by all means attack her with your own name. Don't hide behind mine.

      Oluyomi, like I said before on the other post, I don't stoop that low. And we don't even have "beef" so there's no way I would even say such to you, or anyone else for that matter.

      As for that coward, shame on you.

      Bonko, I will let you off cos you didn't know any better.

    5. "Whoever used my name to type such nonsense is nothing but a coward"

      REALLY??? See Deekay, you are even more stupid than I thought. So, because you refer to yourself as 'Deekay' no other person should use it huh???. Do you have patent rights to the name/word 'Deekay' huh???

      If you want to be a distinctive 'Deekay' then I suggest you open a google account and stop moaning like a spoilt brat. *RME and hissing at the same time.

    6. Why do you want to bear the same name as someone else, especially on a blog where the person already made comments with that same name before you? Or you want to act like you've never seen my comments on this blog.

      Get your own identity. You weren't named Deekay and you don't have to use a name already established on here.

      Whenever you want to say rubbish with that name make sure the person knows it's coming from you and not me,so they don't get confused.

    7. You are a fool!!! See her mouth like 'You don't have to use a name already established here'

      Where u 4 establish am? And how did u know that I wasn't named Deekay?

      You know what sweetheart, I couldn't have said it better when I said that you were a spoilt brat!!!

      It won't cost you to set up a google plus account as I have previously explained, but if you choose not to, then ...STFU!!! Cos nobody can stop me from commenting as 'Deekay' except the owner of the blog.

    8. Named " Deekay", indeed.

      Anyway, it's a free world so keep doing what you feel you gotta do. Glad I saw this, else I would've sworn Oluyomi was seeing things.

  14. *Davido
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  15. It is Davido. I'm very sure now. One of d pendant is carved O.B.O. Take a closer look. It is beneath the Jesus pendant

  16. Saw it in anoda blog..its Davido!!..btw laila, u dint tell us d ansa 2 d oda guess wrk..

  17. Davido

  18. Davido *in nando's voice*

  19. This is obviously D'banj nah dis is so not davido ___victor___

  20. Omo baba olowo!!! Davido is d man



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