Friday, July 19

Hot Or Not?: Toke Makinwa In Another See Through Outfit

Toke Makinwa during fitting with Yvonne Nwosu.
You like?


  1. I weep for her *tears rolling down ♍Ɣ cheeks*....

  2. Plot twist: imagine d see-through to be actually d breast line and d trouser...

  3. queen bleacher. no we dont like your trashy whore outfit

  4. The top isn't dat bad now... it's trendy. Besides its just a fitting, she may wear it with a jacket if she decides to get it... I hope.

  5. Ds gurl mst B on sum sheet...@ha age, where is d dignity...So sad..dnt relent on ur bleching cream..Shior.

  6. this babe is usually very chic... But not dis time around.. So, No ! Laila, me nor like

    Disclaimer(lolz) : all ma ladies ! *in iyanya's kukere voice* abeg, make una shirt abi na dress dey swallow una front, back and d oda front.... Too much showing of these fine tins don dey make d sight less exciting and extremely boring for we #badtguys... No Joke

  7. Laila you are soooo biased!!! Toke Makinwa wears it, its called a c-through dress......some woman who isn't popular wears it, its called pant and bra. Take sentiments out of your reporting!

  8. I like d top, dere is nothing trashy abt it,hope she wears it for d right ocassion o,

  9. ugggggg
    see the latest fashion must have here

  10. shes looking raggy if dres anything lk dt sha..... she jset like to wear rubbish jawe abeg... di sisnt a good model.

  11. africaintels.com19 July 2013 at 19:17

    looks like she is trying so hard.visit my blog for political

  12. eberry chinny okwara19 July 2013 at 22:37

    Not decent



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