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'I Wish I Could Wake Up Every Morning & See All My Kids' - Tuface Opens Up In A New Interview

So Tuface recently got chatting with TheNetNg, his very first official interview since his much celebrated wedding to actress Annie Uwana Macaulay.

And in it, he got to talk about his marriage to Annie, his current relationship with his two other baby mamas. His biggest worry during his Dubai wedding to Annie, and how handy a dad he is to his kids.

Excerpts continue after the cut
  • At the launch of this year’s Star Trek Concert, on stage you said marriage hasn’t changed you. Hasn’t marriage changed 2face?
Actually it’s the aspect of me being a jolly good fellow that I meant by marriage hasn’t changed me but at least it changed me in the way that now I get to be more responsible, because it is a serious business, it’s not when I was a bachelor that I could just decide after a show to just chill in an hotel and sleep. There was one time that I even made up my mind that I wasn’t getting married.
  • So what brought about the change of mind?
I realise say I dey mumu myself (laughs). If you see the person you no fit run from am you go like am die so why you dey run.
  • So how often do you keep in touch with your other baby mamas?
As often as necessary.
  • But you love children, right? 
I often wish it didn’t happen this way, but I can’t regret or make myself feel bad for what has happened. I wish it was different, and I wish I could wake up every morning and see all of them but that’s not the case right now. It’s not easy shuffling here and there to see them. Sometimes for weeks or months I don’t see them. Its not easy but as you lay your bed, so you will lie on it.
  • Your wedding was probably the biggest wedding that happened in the last decade or two, did you plan this right from the very go?
The funny thing is, that was the total opposite of what I planned to do. My wife and I actually wanted a quiet and peaceful wedding but unfortunately for Innocent Idibia, 2Face interfered (laughs). 2face and Annie Macaulay now interfered in Innocent and Uwana’s wedding. So, unfortunately when they say we no fit hide, yes we no fit hide. I actually thought I was going to succeed in making it quiet and doing my thing peacefully but as it turned out the people no send me for that matter
  • So when all that noise was happening, what was your biggest concern?
My biggest concern was that this was a serious occasion for me and I hope nobody is going to come and trivialise it and try to turn it into a bad thing, you understand. Marriage is a joyous thing but some people could turn it into topic of the day that people will then insult you saying different things. That was my biggest concern, for people to just respect it and know it’s a serious occasion for me and my wife, and not turn it into any debate society topic.
  • A lot of people said that Annie was the one behind it that she wanted a grand wedding after you had a little one?
They will always say that about the woman. Naturally, they decide everything and so it is natural for people to assume that. It definitely wasn’t going to be a tiny wedding but something not too grand.  If they say Annie wanted it to be grand, it’s not true because we already had our plan, budget and the number of people we were going to invite. It just happened that the number quadrupled, I mean even ten times the amount of people we prepared for.
  • I see you wearing your wedding band. How does that feel?
(Laughs) o boy, you know how many times I don forget am for house? Dem go con carry am come meet me bros see your wedding ring. Sometimes I’m somewhere and I don’t even think about it and then someone makes a comment about and I realise I’m wearing it. It feels good honestly especially if it’s with somebody that you actually know and understand. Somebody that you are comfortable being around.
  • Concerning your former relationships with the other women, what was the most important advice that your parents gave you?
The most important advice they gave me were just two words; ‘be careful’. Be careful in all aspects, be careful not to impregnate anyone, be careful not to mislead anyone that will now turn to a bone in your neck.  So many ‘be carefuls’, and that covers all. They also told me; search deep inside your heart to know the one that truly is right for you and when you do that, go for that person and don’t let the person slip away again.
  • Before, you used to wake up as a bachelor, but now it is with someone beside you.  How do you work around everything with your daughter Isabella having to go to school. Do you drive her to school or help her with her homework  and also help out in the kitchen?
Like I said earlier I wish I had more time and opportunities to hang out with my kids. I really do wish I had more time but unfortunately you know because of what I do it’s not always easy, but I try as much as possible to make out time. When I’m around I try as much as possible to be in that part of her life.
  • How was the feeling like when you went back for parental approval?
It was excitement but excitement with no surprise. They were excited that we had finally decided to make it official, but they were not surprised because they knew we had been together for a long time although we frequently broke-up and made-up.  So, it was excitement without surprise.


  1. Big respect!!! <3

    Nuff love xx

    1. You're the best 2 baba
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  2. I feel for him on the aspect of his kids..

  3. I love u 2face.....Awwww

  4. ur children don reach 1 dozen?

    1. Must pple joke over everything?! U dey see person wey dey genuine in his feelings and ways...

  5. "face dont wanna hurt any of his kids jare,,,,,he was so diplomatic especially on Isabella love 2baba

  6. Well he said it all, dats hw he laid his own bed

  7. Well he said it all, dats hw he laid his own bed

  8. Well said Tuface I respect you so much.

  9. I like dis interview... kudos to u 2 Baba

  10. Wisdom speaking....I just love this guy

  11. I feel you tuface. Is not easy to restrict your advances and cd around like pocket money. Deed done and a lesson for others who might fall victim.
    Learn the secrets to burning fat and eating healthy

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  14. This guy is real! It takes humility n selflessness to talk like this... GOD bless u bro!

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  16. This is how to respond to an interview
    Tu face On point


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