Wednesday, July 17

It Was A Fake Nonso Diobi Twitter Account That Replied Tonto Dikeh's Diss On Nollywood Actresses


Continue after the cut to read more about his fake a*s.

The fake guy that replied Tonto's diss actually used to be @NonsoDiobi1 on Twitter.
Then sometime in August last year, when so many fans started complaining of being defrauded by the fake Nonso, the real Nonso Diobi had to speak out on Twitter that he was being impersonated.

That was when the fake Nonso Diobi re-strategized, obviously because he even has more followers than the real Nonso Diobi.

The yeye guy changed his Twitter handle to resemble the real Nonso Diobi's.
  • Here's how you know the true Nonso Diobi.
The fake Nonso Diobi's handle is @NonsodiobiworId.
Instead of a small letter L, he used a capital letter of I  I in 'world'.

Whereas the real Nonso Diobi is @Nonsodiobiworld with small letter 'L'.

The fake Nonso Diobi is still defrauding people on Twitter, through direct messages.
Above is a screenshot of one of his fraudulent attempts as at 2nd of July this year.

Today is poor Nollywood actor, now a producer too Nonso Diobi's birthday, but the fake Nonso is getting ALL the love, all the happy birthday greetings from fans.

The fake Nonso Diobi actually blocked me on Twitter last year when he was still @NonsoDiobi1 from following him cos I kept bugging him that he was fake.

Fake Nonso

Real Nonso





  1. Ohmygoshhhh!! How dumb can some Nigerians be? You have got to be the most gullible people on this planet to ever fall for that sh!t. Hide your faces. Oh, the shame.

    1. Read his messages and the response he got.

      Why would a celeb ask followers for that kind of favour? Nonso for that matter. They must've been stupid to fall for that. The John Dumelo one as well .

      The nerve to even say it's much...and not from one person. Thief! Surely there should be a way to track his IP address and arrest him cos I'm sure he's been successful a few times already, with the number of followers he has.

      As for the said tweets to Tonto I highly doubt he would say anything like that to her, especially on social media. Plus the sentences were poorly constructed. I doubt they would have come from him.

  2. Intellectual Growth in racketeering and on twitter..Our naija actor's profiles are now the demographic targets for impersonation and Financial reconstruction .....Funny how far these frauds can go to make a buck....

  3. If na Tonto nw, una go open una mouth talk say na lie. Now see as all of una Quiet dey listen to d lies.

  4. If na Tonto nw, una go open una mouth talk say na lie. Now see as all of una Quiet dey listen to d lies.

  5. naija ehn.....fraud evrywhere...anyhow...anywhere..

  6. Laila, i am nuh seeing the difference o, except they'v started cloning tweeter handles like they do FB pages........

    1. D fake one has a capital letter i in world. I.e worid (d i is capital letter I - worId

      Instead of l

    2. they look very a like, capital letter I and L

  7. All d ppl dropping fowl comments on him, Odi wife, or Tonto over that fake tweet should start retracting their statements

  8. Are u serious??? I blocked his fake ass few months ago, he gave me his pin we were chatting, d next tin d guy started asking me for money saying his frnd is stranded...askd him like hw much d guy said 30k,mi datz a corp member, my allawee no reach slf, I told him I dnt hv he bcm angry and started talkin rudely, I insulted him, told him his stupid if his really nonso,....d guy latr pingd me n said he wz jokin dat he hz enuf and can nvr beg,he playd d prank only 2knw d real me...I for enter one chance he deleted him while I unfollowed him on twitter,c mi c wahala abeg...dnt give a rats ass abt celebs cuz most of dem dnt dine n respect wit ppl d feel d r better dan.**tessy**

  9. Pardon my typo**tessy**

  10. All this fraudsters need to stop their frivolous activities on social network.

  11. @nonsodiobiworld and @nonsodiobiworld....??? no difference. he can still change his avatar to match the real one


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