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Kate Henshaw Takes Her Vacation To The Mediterranean (Pictures)


Kate Henshaw Takes Her Vacation To The Mediterranean (Pictures)


Work hard, then you earn the right to play hard too.
And that’s exactly Kate Henshaw’s state of mind at the moment.
The pretty actress, Samsung’s leading lady posted these pictures of herself off to a swell vacation on Instagram.
She also mentioned being on a yacht, sailing the Mediterranean. #Biggurlthangs.

More pics when you continue

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30 Comments on "Kate Henshaw Takes Her Vacation To The Mediterranean (Pictures)"

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She travel alone…she go die alone oh!



Anwuli Oputa

Have fun Kate.


Single mom… She needs it abeg!


Hmmmmmm Big Girl doing big things with Big Boy

Emmanuel Babatunde

Have fun

Oluyomi Odukoya

Have fun Kate. I'll do more sef if I was the one.

Oluyomi Odukoya

Have fun Kate. I'll do more sef if I was the one.

Oluyomi Odukoya

Once again welcome back Anwuli. My confession goes thus- You are one of the reasons why I registered my name on google. I love your approach to life and how you only have nice things to say and even when you criticise you do it constructively. One thing I've realised is that it is very easy to hate and be bitter under anonymous and to be honest I attacked you once under anonymous on linda's blog for being too nice. But since I registered my name I have it in my consciousness that anything negative I say is attached to my name forever and there's life beyond blogs. I watched a movie 'cyber bully' and it made me realise that not everyone has a thick skin and people need to realise their words of hatred hurt and some people might crumble and become tempted to commit suicide. Having said all these Anwuli I apologise for that one time I picked on you on linda's blog. Keep on being who you.. And to all anonymous who hate even if the person you hate can't see you God does. And to Deekay who called me a witch it takes a witch to identify one. I'm not surprised after all you once called Annie Macaulay a house girl.

Oby Azike

So jealous right now. wish i was on holiday


is she single? tot she was married to a white man?

Collins Alimasunya

Eayyyya @ oby…..its neva to late u can go to aba or okpoko for vacation now.

Anwuli Oputa

Oluyomi dear I have forgiven you. No hard feelings.

Oluyomi Odukoya

Thanks dearie. I appreciate.


Hmmmm…Yahoo Yahoo…


you earned your money enjoy it love. God will bless me too

ij bby

Lmfao@ yahoo yahoo. Welcome bak anwuli. Missed ya!

Dayo Olayonu

money speaking pls…
more stories HERE


@ Yomi de sales girl so now dat ur sugar daddy has asked u to flog a plot of land and some used printers/computers for him u've now become born again abi?

Buahahaha!!! We no be fools abeg!


Excuse me! I have never in my life called you or anyone for that matter a witch. When I don't believe in witche why would I then go and call anyone that. I have never aattacked you or anyone on this blog. If there's something that was said and I didn't agree with it I would share my thoughts on the matter and not stoop to calling names. So please do me a favour and go to specsavers or something. I can't even remember replying any of your comments. Or you want me to notice you or what? Please respect yourself. I haven't got time to exchange words wwith anyone. Last time was Austin and Ij. Remind me who are you again?! Smh!! No wonder so many people on here seem to have a problem with you. Check yourself before it's too late.

Anwuli Oputa

@Ijbby thanks so much dear missed you as well.

adeniyi opemipo

why beef na?
click HERE for more gist


Lol!! Like you asked her to take you along and she refused. Pele.

Of course she didn't go alone.



ij bby

​ℓ☺ℓ @ Deekay but we didn't exchange words na we only rubbed minds. *smiles*

Tutu tony

Enjoy oo.NEXT….


My dear enjoy u worked hard for it mmwaahh


@ ij…..u r a chicken. Jeez!!


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