Tuesday, July 9

Mayhem Breaks In Rivers Assembly As Amaechi Escapes Attempted Murder

Ladies and gentlemen.... please you just have to watch this video. *smh*

The political mayhem in the entire River State, took another dimension today,  Tuesday [July 9] as the speaker of the state House of Assembly was impeached in a blood-related saga.

This video clip narrates better how the whole ordeal went.

5 members of the House led by Hon Evans Bipi had moved to impeach the Speaker. So, commotion reportedly started when Mr Bipi walked up to the speaker and started ‘slapping’ him as members were still exchanging pleasantries.

While that was going on, they didn’t know that some hoodlums had accessed the assembly.

ChannelsNews reports that when Governor Rotimi Amaechi was informed, he left the government house to go and ensure that people were protected.
 Only to get there and some people began to shout ‘shoot him’ ‘shoot him’.

They were standing in the gallery. These were policemen who are paid by tax payers

When somebody tried to rush to attack the governor, people had to protect the governor.

The leader of the house was injured and rushed to the Government House clinic for treatment.

 The house symbol of Authority," Mace" was broken, computer sets used by members of the Assembly were seen destroyed.

Physical combats among pro and anti so-called ex-speaker ensued.

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