Wednesday, July 17

Meet LailasBlog 'Most Fashionable Reader' (MFR) Of The Week - How To Enter

Thanks for your feedback, dearies. I am so glad almost everyone bought the idea.
So, time for doing don reach.

Even though tomorrow is Thursday, Saturday is just 2 days away, we can still crown our very 1st LailasBlog 'Most Fashionable Reader' (MFR) Of The Week winner on Saturday.


So, to submit your pictures, which you can start doing NOW, send your pictures to:

Both guys and ladies.

Make sure you attach your Twitter or Facebook account urls to your mail, with whatever name you would want us to call you.

I've excitedly done my part, so over to you guys.

Let the pictures roll in. *winks* Waiting.....


Chinedu Mgbemena said...

lol... We wey no fine make we wait and feed our eyes with the fine ones



Her Majesty said...

Lol! aww dont say that guys. we all are beautiful in our own ways..

Deekay said...

Birth suit allowed? :D

ij bby said...

ºнeĦeнeHeº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))! We r all fearfully n wonderfully made by God. Alwaz hv dat @ d back of ur mind! said...

i can,t wait.visit my blog

Anwuli Oputa said...

This will be so fun Laila.

Lizy Okoni said...

Wow! Dis is soooo super coool. ca̶̲̥̅̊nt wait. #dancing okro, azonto a̶̲̥̅̊
gangnam style.

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