Thursday, July 4

Mikel Obi Gets Distracted By Bikini Girl In Brazil While Being Interviewed (Photo)

*lol* Someone said this is obviously why our boys failed in Brazil.

That they were busy getting distracted by Latina girls in bikini, so they couldn't concentrate on the game on the field.
Just look at Mikel in this photo. How will he perform on the field when na so so Latina nyansh full im mind?


  1. On d contrary, luk around n ud find other passerby are al clothed except d 2 ewu brazil!!! Mikel looked @ her in a disguysting nmanner.

    1. hmmm mikel obodo
      click HERE for more gist

    2. Good point...lmao... Very good point...lmao

  2. His jst wondering...can 9ja babes dress like dis on walk on d street or

  3. His jst wondering...can 9ja babes dress like dis and walk on d street or

  4. abeg he wasnt distracted.the couple weren't properly dressed .the place doesnt look like a beach for then to dress dat way. so his look jst asks "why"

  5. Welcome to the carnival.... Where you got to see weirdos

  6. FROM AN Anonymous TO D Ladies
    Ladies, beware of the owner of this bb pin 267D2992. He is into money making rituals... He gave me a ride at isolo and drugged me. I used my last strength to scream for help when he stopped at a petrol station to buy fuel.. He pushed me out of the car and sped off. Ladies, beware. His name is Godspower ahaneku and he claims to be from Imo State.Note: avoid free rids, pls Rebroadcast

    1. U must be an ashawo 4 u 2 have been with him in d 1st place. It's ur head he wanted 2 use 2 buy a new car. Who knows,he might get another chance with u...

  7. Mikel wasn't really carried away but just looking at d wonders around him; he wasn't even on d pitch; wat if it were u?

  8. Trouble Oooooo *in dillish voice*

  9. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. I felt like I was along for the ride! Beautiful countryside

  10. boys will always b boys. y we no go look

  11. Hahahaha...eye are for looking nau.

    And men don't just look and comot eye, or look stylishly. They ogle! So bait.

  12. Nan na na na na.... Check d direction of where mikel was lookn... He was lookn @ tha guy... Tis madness for a guy to b on just panties in tha beach...



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