Saturday, July 13

Nigerian Groom Jailed For Arranging Marriage In Order To Stay Back In The UK

Nigerian Jayeola Abiola, 27, and his Portuguese "bride" Vania Fernandes, 29, have been jailed for their part in a sham wedding ceremony.

It turns out that Abiola's student visa was about to expire, so he and Vania decided to get married in an attempt to stay in the UK.
Unfortunately they were arrested just before the wedding was due to start last November.

Immigration staff were alerted by a registrar who became suspicious that Abiola and Fernandes,  appeared to know very little about each other during a pre-marriage interview.
Vania had even bought her wedding dress, tiara, wedding veil, and flowers dress two hours before the  ceremony.

So Border Agency secretly filmed a wedding video of the cars, groom, bride and best man arriving outside the grand 19th century council town hall before arresting them at the door.

Abiola received 12 months and Fernandes eight months.


  1. Eyaaa, nearly cannot kill a bird, dey shud hav planned well na, since our country is f**ked, me sha will soon ja too, I berra start planning how 2 get a green card in d uk -fineboy1pimple 2a6f2335

    1. Green Card in the UK? Lol......... na, there's no UK green card. It's US green card.

    2. Eya he was only tring to do some hustling
      click HERE for more gist

  2. Guy pack well, naija go feed u beta dan dat syd. As much as am ashamed to say this, naija is a beta place where u kud eat ur cake and have it. Beta stay back here and avoid more trouble

    1. Gbam charles.
      I live in the uk n i have an msc and i can tell you life is hard!
      No job
      Even with job gan you are living pay day to pay day. I get paid n pay my bills the next day nothing again. Am getting depressed.

      @prince below i wud gladly face no light rite now than to be in this country.

      It is depressing

    2. Are they holding you from going back to your country Biko?

    3. Trust me am already on my way just waiting for my hubby to finish his MBA in the next few months and am out....gbeborun oshi

  3. I don't blame him, is our country situation that cause it, can u imaging, what nigeria (PHCN) did yesterday, they brought the bill and within 30mit they came back to cut the light, he don't won't to experience some things like that, that is the reason he plan to stay back.

  4. He wanted to stay in UK and now he has earned the right for another 12 months in the slam. All na UK.

    1. Either in the slam or chilling at home UK na UK foolish boy

  5. Nice say @ ExoticEyez MiMi... :)

  6. There's no place like home....if only he knows.

  7. He was only trying to make a living.

  8. I still don't understand this madness about living in the UK. Really, it's not by force. The amount these illegals pay the legals to marry them, just for papers. Plus money for wedding, legal fees-especially when immigration is on your back, etc. I just don't get why they cannot just channel that money elsewhere. Even if it's opening a shop back in their home country.

    These illegals end up not working sef, or doing shitty job...or sometimes dodgy work, so I don't get why anyone would want to cough up money and go through this hell for papers. If na Yankee e for make sense small.....but Jand?! Urrrghh!

    People with more money than sense.

  9. bone dt tlk abeg@ Deekay, u fit do ore than dt if u gat d opprtunity ..... the poor guy only tried but it was jst unfortunate dt it dnt wrk for him....



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