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Saturday, July 13

Obafemi Martins Turns His Jerseys To Dining Room Furniture

To celebrate his colourful career, and obviously show off his kit to visitors, our very dear Obafemi Martins did this to his jerseys from his old clubs and his country.
He used his shirts to upholster his golden dining room chairs.
Who isn't loving this?


  1. I love this, it's colourful and rare. What about his pregnant girlfriend?

    1. those chairs are really tight .. . .
      click HERE for more gist

  2. dis is a first... And its rilly creative and cool, buh for some strange reason(s), i aint diggin it... My opinion

  3. Really innovative, his generations yet unborn will get to see this and ask questions and what a joy it will be to regal them with tales and memories.

    1. Ur eyes looks like witches eyes in evil forest!!

    2. What have you been looking for in the evil forest to know the resemblance of my eyes to those of witches there? See how u revealed yourself. We will all be here to comment when Laila blogs about you and how ur evil acts came to light.
      PS: By then u won't have the anonymous facade to hide under.

  4. That's a first!

    Fab idea.

  5. So creative I am loving this.

  6. I like it, and would have done same if I had claims to some jerseys... now thinking if I could use my certs and awards... hmmm... I already see the coolness ;)
    Btw, Laila, hope you've gone for a thorough checkup?
    Do take good care of you ok...

  7. Martins...aka money bag! ...@oluyomi u mean balotelli's sis...lol we havnt heard a word frm dem oh...

  8. His children time for dinner will be saying I'm seating on noba 30 not 9 this time!


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