Wednesday, July 3

OJB's Camp Confirms That Gov Amaechi Has Given $100,000 For OJB's Treatment

Earlier on today, news broke out that Rivers State Governor had doled out a $100,000 cheque in favor of sick music producer OJB Jezreel for his kidney transplant surgery.

Just some minutes ago on Twitter, Head of fund raising committee for #SaveOJB, singer Nomoreloss confirmed the story. Great news!!


  1. This is good news! Now OJB can have his treatment ontime. God bless Governor Rotimi Amaechi and Everybody that has contributed one way or the other, and I wish OJB all d best.

    1. AMEN !!!!!!
      And unlike sum people, The rivers state Government didnt bother itself with any confusing claims and counter claims bout d raised funds being touted in d media, it just gave.... Dats d mark of a true giver... let us jes hope dat hold up no catch d money as e dey cum in Jesus name... Amen !....lolz

    2. Sorry to say this, are you gay Austin Uche? Why did you describe his excellency as IT instead of HE? Only slave gays describe themselves as IT. Pathetic bunch of lost souls.

    3. Anon 00:19, ist of all, i aint gay, and second, u dnt expect me to refer to "the rivers state government" as a he... Pls, y'all shld rilly read thru comments before writing stupid and senseless things... Dnt be a learner.. No joke

  2. Shame on tuface, OJB produced ur 1st album.... Shame on Wizkid, BankyW discovered you in OJB's reelmix studio...

    1. Please can u just STF up? Now OJB has gotten the money forget about who gave and those that didn't he needs our prayers now then ever --VICTOR--

    2. My dear don't judge anyone, one question you need to start asking yourself is was the guy a good guy or a bad one? Why 've celebrities like him have refuse to help him. You can't judge anybody we all have a reason for what we do. Don't condem people. No one is perfect . we all do what is best to us and other's might find it wrong. OJB I wish you all the best.

  3. God bless Gov. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi,he shall live not just a long life but a good one.

  4. God bless u Rotimi...u shall neva lack, Amen!

  5. So hapi to hear dis! God bless him (d gov) real gud. Now OJB has enuf n 2 spare *so hapi 4 dat*. I pray d transplant goes on smoothly n he gets back on his feet. God bless those who contributed in 1 way or d oda! Amen

  6. God bless Governor Amaechi hundred folds.

  7. I hope say all doz artistes wey don donate b4 no dey regret am now...



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