Monday, July 15

Photo: Baby Girl Born With A Prayer Rosary Round Her Neck In Niger Yesterday

It used to be babies born with Qurans, this time a baby girl was reportedly born, yesterday, with a prayer rosary wrapped around her neck in Bida Local Government Area of Niger State.

Tribune reports that the incident, which occurred around 2.00 p.m at Kotuworo area of the town, close to the home of Alhaji Bello Mansaba, the man with 86 wives, was said to have caused uproar,
with people thronging the town to have a look at the baby born to Mrs Adijat and Mallam Issa, both of whom hail from Lama, Kwara State.

Adijat had been rushed to the home of a midwife, Abubakar Baiwa Shasha, where she was delivered of her baby girl.

Further checks, however, revealed that when the baby was about to be delivered, the nurse, it was gathered, saw to her surprise a black rosary round the neck of the child, which immediately turned white as soon as she was delivered.

It was further learnt that the midwife raised the alarm that attracted the attention of people in the neighbourhood.

Speaking with newsmen, the nurse said when the baby was about to be delivered, she was surprised to see the rosary around her neck, adding that another surprise was that the rosary turned white upon delivery.

“I was really shocked when I saw the rosary,” she said.

When contacted, Mansaba, an Islamic scholar, told newsmen that the delivery of the child showed the greatness of God.

Also, Alhaji Mutairi Salau, who claimed the mother of the baby, Kadijat, is a friend to his wife, described the birth as miraculous, saying “it is only God that can exhibit such power as to cause a woman to deliver a child with a praying rosary.”

The baby was later taken to the palace of Etsu Nupe, where they were received and blessed by the traditional ruler , Alhaji Yahaya Abubukar.

Confirming the incident, the Emirate secretary, Alhaji Abdulmalik, when contacted, said the child was brought to the palace by the parents and she was prayed for by the royal father.


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  2. Lies, leta dem go dey born pikin with juju

  3. Liars...!!-the Christians ans Muslims who keep cooking up rubbish. Smh. Poverty or desperation to "win souls"? Mchewww x1million.

  4. Lies !!!All lies dz story and d oda abt d koran babies!

  5. lmao !!!!!!!!
    Is there no effing end to this ridiculousness ni?
    I tire o

  6. May the next story will be a child born with Kaftan and Turban.

  7. ᶥᵗˢ only in naija ppl give birth to kids with quorans, tesebee, rosary, blah blah blah.....please give us better news and not all these jare....

  8. Showbiz everywhere I think i just cracked a rib from laughing too hard, what rubbish. Babies born with Quran and now prayer beads. Maybe Naija is the new Mecca mscheeeeew

  9. All lies don't believe this at all.

  10. In Chris Tucker's voice "anything can happen".

    I cannot conclusively say it didn't happen 'cos I wasn't there.

  11. *singing* get on d dance floor...*walkin away* almost happy I dint comment....lemme leave it stupid...serves dis post ryt!! Lol...cnt laff

  12. A baby will soon be born with jalabia..

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  13. LMAO! So d rosary bleached itself. Shegejagwa! ​ℓ☺ℓ

    They must think pple dumb

  14. This is the newest supper story episode in town....tala la la la la..... can someone sing with me

  15. My baby was born with an encyclopedia... Mtchewwww attention seekers oshi

  16. A baby has been born near okija shrine with a goat horn in his hand!

  17. This blog is full of clowns, i laughed so hard my colleagues had to come and see what caused it.

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