Thursday, July 4

Pictures: Funke Akindele Climbing A Palm Tree On Set

The expression on her face. It's so obvious she's not finding it easy. *hehhee.
More pictures below





  1. Have seen her act since I was little, probably was still in primary school...lols she has come a long way!

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    2. Let me try it too probably my own offer will be 150k very foolish people! :D

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    7. Are you really sure you are okay? I smh for you.

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    9. How about someone take this to the police with the evidence they have and set the person up? Why can't this cross your minds instead of finding out how sick the person is and simply deleting him??

  3. Replies
    1. Oputa......welcome back I like seeing your comments

    2. Thanks dear I really do appreciate.

    3. Welcome back, Anwuli. Although I don't know you personally, I'm glad you're back. I sent you a message on fb when I didn't see your comments on Laila's blog. I have a confession to make, but I will only confess when you reply me. If you don't, well, my confession would die with me.

  4. @anon.17.01:.....Goddey with sista...betta luck...but be more careful...oooh

  5. Omo ghetto and Jenifa are two movies I can't do without watching. Funke is good.

  6. Funny girl. Make she no go fall o

  7. This woman has got to be the funniest comedienne in Nigeria.



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