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Rev. Chris Okotie’s Camp Denies He’s Dating Delphine


Rev. Chris Okotie’s Camp Denies He’s Dating Delphine

Word has it that they are dating but some sources are saying they are so not.
And here’s they said in a statement they just released.

Our investigation has revealed that the story making the rounds on some blogs that respected man of God, Rev. Chris Okotie has found a new love is totally false. 

According to our findings, the Reverend has no love relationship with Delphine the lady in question , who only attended the recent event of the Copyright Society of Nigeria, COSON, hosted by Rev Okotie’s Household of God Church, as one of the invitees.

Some guys, who are trying to extort money from the young lady, embarked on this campaign of calumny, on the erroneous impression that because she was spotted in the Household of God Church on one or two occasions, she is probably close to the flamboyant pastor, whereas Delphine only attends events there on the invitation of her friends.

Realising the frivolity of this story, the Reverend’s camp has so far ignored it to avoid it undue importance.”

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10 Comments on "Rev. Chris Okotie’s Camp Denies He’s Dating Delphine"

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Wow she's cuuuuuute! Chei girls lik dis make me wanna reconsider my single status -fineboy1pimple 2a6f2335

Anwuli Oputa

She is pretty but the press should stop making false claims though.


Liala sometimes it' seems to me you are trying to bring Linda's gist down. You just quick quick publish the denial without introducing us to the girl like Linda did. Like to say Linda's gist is false. Please do your own and GOd will bless your hustle don't try to bring nybody down in the process… You are in a competition with no one but yourself..


Na wa for people oh….Laila is not bringing any body down she is reporting what she heard…if Linda wrote about it first and so what????? Uve read d story on Linda's blog we know dat…Laila is just saying dat Chris Okotie's camp have responded to d story and are saying dat it is not true…chikena…..she is not bringing Linda down in anyway…am sure Linda will soon write her own on d same story saying it is not true after she hears wat chris okotie's camp says…stop trying to start beef wen there is none…Laila is not beefing Linda PERIOD….


if this is not true why has she (delphine onyii okoronkwo)de-activate her face book page? this is a girl i know too well went to igbenidion university then traveled to the united kingdom for some years now just not long she came back her story is trending and u tell me its not true abeg tell that to the birds something is fishing

Oluyomi Odukoya

We are watching and waiting.. Anon 9:20 Gbam.


and why should anyone give a false gist that would be detrimental to the image of another person just to impress your readers. would you have sed the same if u are the person talked about or it happens to be any of ur family members?


u cannot judge someone for a particular crime just bcos u think he/she is capable of doing it. thats very wrong. you are you without fault?.


It wasn't only Linda who carried it.
Well there's no smoke without fire.




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