Monday, July 1

SHOCKING: Reverend Father Gets Beheaded By Militants Infront Of Cheering Crowd (Graphic Video & Pictures)

On June 23rd 2013, a 49 years old Syrian Catholic priest Father was beheaded by jihadist fighters in Syria and a video showing the Father's gruesome murder has been posted on the internet.

According to local sources, the monastery where Fr. Murad was staying was attacked by militants linked to the jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusra.

In the video, filmed on a camera phone and posted on LiveLeak, three men - including Father Francois - are seen sitting on the dusty ground as a crowd around them cheers.

The priest, wearing a brown robe, is filmed sitting cross-legged with his hands apparently bound.
He is pulled forward and laid face down on the grass as the crowd chant 'Allahu akbar' and take photos.
You'll notice there are even kids present while the dastard act was carried out when you watch the video. Apparently, these children are been groomed to become terrorists in the nearest future.
He is then decapitated, using what looks like a rudimentary kitchen knife.


Dozens of camera phones are shoved forward by the baying crowd as the scene turns more bloody.

Fides News Agency says the 'circumstances of the death are not fully understood' but said his death has been confirmed by the Custos of the Holy Land - the convent where Father Francois had been staying. writes Father Francois had reportedly been accused of collaborating with the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.



  1. Honestly, the devil lives in the midst of men...

  2. pathetic.... Extremely pathetic... truly, the heart of men is desperately wicked

  3. God help us... Seriously we need Gods grace!

  4. The devil lives in Islam . Period!!!!!

  5. Islam is d bigest Satans institution in world..fuck Moslems,fuck d brainwashed idiots

  6. Evil bastards!!
    No regard for life, let alone a man of the cloth.

    They need to stop using their religion as an excuse to justify their unnatural thirst for blood. Someone should just dash them land somewhere far away from everyone else let them go and live happily ever after. Haba!! Enough is enough.

  7. This is just wickdedness of the highest order and God have mery on this sinful and wicked world. Father Murad may your soul rest in peace in Jesus Name Amen.

  8. Jesus ooooo, let ur peace reign on Earth.

  9. Omg dis people! I hate muslims!

  10. and dis shld be all about religion, right? fuck religion

  11. Islam is a religion for monsters,they will die in hell, regard for a fellow man.i hate Muslim,God will punish all muslims that think they fighting a war,look how they killed 2 young girls just cos of dey were singing out side.monsters

  12. so pathetic. may their souls rest in peace


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