Thursday, July 4

Singer Chidynma 'Chee' Releases New Beautiful Pictures

More lovely pictures after the cut



  1. Loving her masculine face**kiSses**

  2. Is this the Kedike chidma?....if she is, she sure has added a lot of weight...mennnn...but she looks good though

    1. She is not. thats why you need spec savers

  3. Hw can dis be Kedike chidinma??are u a learner???

  4. FROM AN Anonymous TO D Ladies
    Ladies, beware of the owner of this bb pin 267D2992. He is into money making rituals... He gave me a ride at isolo and drugged me. I used my last strength to scream for help when he stopped at a petrol station to buy fuel.. He pushed me out of the car and sped off. Ladies, beware. His name is Godspower ahaneku and he claims to be from Imo State.Note: avoid free rids, pls Rebroadcast

  5. Godforbid, dis cannot be chidinma. U guys are still learning

  6. Lwkm C mumu dey fool Mumu Lmao........chydinmaa.k.a(chee) is different from Chidinma a.k.a miss kedike......chydinma chee na Glo..Chidinma kedike na Mtn.No dulln

  7. Photoshopped

  8. Na wa for some people.

    Is the Chidinma you know the only Chidinma in this world??

    Are you blind?? Of course she's someone else. Possible someone that was "famous" before the Kekedike chick; hence the change of name.



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