Wednesday, July 17

Trayvon Played A Huge Role In His Death, So Zimmerman Was Justified Killing Him - Juror

One of the jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman has revealed in a post-trial interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper last night, that she feels Trayvon Martin 'played a huge role in his death'.
The female juror, identified only as Juror B37, said:
'When George (Zimmerman) confronted him, he could have walked away and gone home, I have no doubt that George feared for his life.  
I'm 101% that he should have done what he did. When the end came to the end, he was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin.  
He started the ball rolling, he could have avoided the whole situation by staying in the car, but he wanted to do good- he had good in his heart, he just went overboard.  
I hope (Zimmerman's) family can live a normal life after a while. I don't know how he's ever going to do that.

This is coming after her book deal about her experience on the trial was cancelled following social media outrage.
Her interview aired just minutes before four of the remaining five jurors put out a statement saying that they want to remain anonymous and are formally requesting privacy.


  1. Insanity of the highest order! Imagine someone justifying murder! gosh!

  2. He could have away. What if he keep confronting him again. The judgment is still not fair.

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    1. mind your grammar,sir

  3. How did Trayvon play a role in his own death? It doesn't justify him being murdered at all this is so not fair on Trayvon's family.

  4. This lady is extremely senseless.... Extremely ! !
    I am so sure that if the victim was a white guy, zimmerbeast(he does not deserve to be called a man) wlda gotten the chair or life without parole.... nonsense racist


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