Wednesday, July 17

Watch Mercy Johnson, Her Husband & Purity Donate To A Charity In Lagos

I brought you the story some time ago, Mercy Johnson and her family had visited the Boys Correctional Centre, Oregun.
Where she said one of the reason she's into charity is because she thinks if you don't take care of the helpless kids, they will be a problem to rich kids. Read it here if you missed it.

Here's a video from that charity visit.

.......her baby Purity looks gorgeous... and just 7months old! chai she must be eating maize! *lol*


  1. Ms_Oyinkansola17 July 2013 at 08:10

    Luv mercy! N purity too

  2. I love you Mercy Johnson so much. God bless you a hundred fold and Purity is so adorable.

  3. very knd of uuu MJ; no noice Foundation#lips sealed#.... buh she shd try make a stle that makes her more comfortable than dis, cos she jst kiips puuting the hair away... abeg mak anybdy no abuse me ooo eehneehn

  4. God bless u Mercy Johnson!! Bigger you babes!!!

  5. a giver never lacks.... Buh i am nuh a fan of video-taping gestures like these and puttin it up on the internet(no pun intended)... I am sure mercy has a gud heart and may God continue to bless her and her fam.

    1. I came back to this comment to look for the pun...still can't find it. Help.

  6. i am beginning to love and admire mercy johnson. i didn't think much of her before she got married but i just admire her so much now.

  7. Bless her heart. Such a beautiful soul.

    May there always be more from where that came from. Keep it up x

  8. God bless u mercy



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