Thursday, July 4

Watch Yvonne Nelson Discuss Her Relationship With Iyanya, Iceprince, DammyKrane With Toolz

This is a must watch video, guys.
Cos you finally get to see Yvonne discuss her relationship with Iyanya, Iceprince and Dammykrane.

Hear her tell Toolz her relationship with Iyanya ended on her birthday, how their relationship was a joke.

Then she tells the story of what happened one time at Iyanya's birthday party where she flew in thinking she was his main girl, not knowing that some other girls, some that even flew in for the party from South Africa were also there, believing they were his main chicks too.

She also gets to talk about her weight loss which she confirms she had to do for her career and cos she wants to lead a healthy life.


  1. Nelson dear you deserve better man

  2. I agree with u gisty. I think she should not be in a hurry to be in a serious relationship for now. She needs such break.

  3. U deserve d best my dear liv dat guy dat call him self a man buh act lyk a child

  4. #Beautiful Lady

  5. Their make up is horrible

  6. the question is "but why now?"... She need to let dis go since she claims she has moved on.... But if iyanya truly did all these, then shame on him o.. Na tins like this go kill ur career quick quick.

  7. i really like dis girl though

  8. Yvonne Nelson just focus on your life and I am pretty certain you will get a man who truly loves you.

  9. Yvonne should quit talking about a relationship that ended before it started. Iyanya is a typical man; someone who never dreamt of being famous at his age and now that he is, he is on a hit and runaway spree. I read on another blog that iyanya's camp has nude pictures of Yvonne. She had better keep quiet for her sake..

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. A man that goes on radio and says all he wants is "your waist" and turns it into a joke afterwards. Well you know what to do <<< RUNNNNN..Besides Yvonne and other girls out there that are always in a hurry to go into a relationship after a break UP because they can't live without a man for too long....Get that idea out of your head and stop making mistakes after mistakes.. Get it right..

  12. Yvonne the right man will come... Just do what's right!

  13. When they keep running to already made men,what do you expect?
    When he was hustling after project fame and all that why she no date em.

  14. No seriously... I love this gurl but.... *smiles*

  15. Why the news na, you denied this for so long then suddenly need public support to mess up inyanya............abeg

  16. Yvonne love dnt rush into relatioships with your fellow celebs,cos apart from the gentle man they play outside,they've got the worst attitude

  17. Wow!!! She rly likes iyanya *sad face* but iyanya is a maaaaluuuu!!! I love u more yvonne God will bring ur own man. Enuf of all this smallies in ur life.

  18. Wow!!! She rly likes iyanya *sad face* but iyanya is dating a maaaaluuuu!!! I love u more yvonne God will bring ur own man. Enuf of all this smallies in ur life.



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