Tuesday, July 2

Why I Hate Taking Pictures At Events - BankyW

Here's what Banky said in an interview with Vanguard. He also got to mention how Uzi, Ikechukwu's brother is trying to whip him into shape like Peter Okoye.
The least favourite aspect of my job is when I have to do photo-shoots. I hate photo-shoots. I love video shoots because it seems that I am playing a role in a short movie. Photo-shoots I hate like I hate taking pictures at events. I find it really annoying because you stand there and you are expected to strike poses and do all the random things you do when doing a photo-shoot. 
Even though I don’t like it, I have to do it because obviously, I need pictures for my CD covers and interviews. I don’t enjoy it at all. So I try to limit them. I really shouldn’t be saying this because my manager will be upset with me. I only do photo-shoots when I have a new album coming out. 
So, when I do that shoot, I try to take as many different pictures as I can so that they will leave me alone at least for the next two years. But they are necessary, because people need to see you and connect with your image as well. So it is a necessary evil.
A typical day in my life starts from when I wake up. First, I try to say a little prayer to get my day started. Then I go out to work out with my trainer Uzi. He is the younger brother of Ikechukwu. He is an amazing physical trainer.  He tries to get me into shape so that I can look like Peter from P-Square. After my training, I come home, shower and dress for work.


  1. Some pple wud stil find somtin negative to say ...lol

  2. Everyone has something they don't like.

  3. Banky na' ako bullshit!!! Oh bitch pls...Next.

  4. I never knew Banky W was this shy about photo shoots. It's part of the job description of being a star Banky W got to deal with it.

  5. Different people different views. That’s their freedom.

  6. tell Uzi to whip ur round head into shape too. Lol

  7. Tahhhh na because of him big head..ISIoma..lol..franny

  8. Jiggaman sharrap, are u he's creator, see ur mouth like whip he's head, how's urs like???


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