Friday, July 19

You Think You Are Smart? Then Answer This Question!

A bus driver, you, is out on school run early Friday morning.
Unlike other school days with heavy traffic, 7 kids are in the bus.
At the first bus stop, 5 kids get on, 2 get off. Later 9 get on, 11 get off. And at the last bus stop, 4 get on, none gets off.
How old is the bus driver?

2nd Question:

You have 20 apples in a basket. 20 children come to you, each asking for an apple.
You want to give each of them an apple and still keep one inside the basket.
How will you do this?


  1. First, the bus driver is a kid

    Second, the 20th apple+ the basket should be given to d last kid.

    1. the bus driver is my age..

      2nd..u will share one apple for 2 children, d youngest, make dem share am, then as elder u chop one full one and take ur basket home..datsall!

    2. lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 1, The driver is a kid
    2, I will divide the Apple then keep one

  3. †ђξ bus driver i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ just 12, for †ђξ second 1 γφυ just have to give them all...

  4. The Bus driver is me! So the bus driver is my age! I can't figure out the answer to the Apple quiz

    1. Thanks jaree....!.. was laughing when I saw the question, I won something big for getting it right back in 2003 on one mitv show..

  5. The bus driver is me, I am 35 oh. For the second question, buy an apple for one of the kids so you have one left

  6. Yeah first the driver is a kid and secondly the last kid should be given the basket with the last apple simple thing mtcheew.

    1. You definitely sound like a kid. Lmao!!

  7. Laila, no scatter our head abeg

  8. I'm 32 yrs old cos I'm d driver & I'll give d 20th child d basket with d last apple inside

  9. The bus driver is me , a kid , 12 years old. The second. One : Give each child an apple but the last child should get hers in the basket

  10. 1. A bus driver, you, is out on school run
    early Friday morning.
    Hahahaha easy!! D bus driver is me.....

    2. give the last apple INSIDE THE BASKET to the last kid.
    Tnk u..

  11. The bus driver is me (2) give the last apple to the last kid.

  12. D bus driver is bonko cos bonko is me,d apple stuff bonks has giving d ansa

  13. Give d apple inside d basket 2 d last kid

  14. Sorry no idea *just caught headache cos of this*

  15. Sorry no idea *just caught headache cos of this*

  16. Sorry no idea *just caught headache cos of this*

  17. Ms_Oyinkansola20 July 2013 at 15:05

    D bus driva is me!ansa is my age.No 2 qustn:giv d last child d basket wt d apple in it.



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