Saturday, December 14

New Music: Omalicha Nwa - Alisa


Guys, Alisa is a 25yrs old Nigerian who is based in UK. A singer, song writer, composer and a performer.
She just released this awesome piece titled Omalicha Nwa, a love song produced by T Mex. A song that has the flavour of afro fusion, drums and a synth of instrumentals with the indigenous language feel .

Check on it and enjoy great music


See more pictures from Alisa's shoot after the cut

More about Alisa:

She started music in her early life in Nigeria playing gigs and played for some years before relocating to the UK.
She was a member of a soft rock band in UK called Alisa which she was also the lead and has toured so many European countries playing gigs and concerts including Germany, Russia, Sweden, France, Spain, Ireland, UAE etc.

Having spent years in UK, Alisa decided to return to Nigeria to pursue her career fully and has worked with so many producers including Sammy Okposo, Johnson Davidson, Rhymzo to mention a few.
Finally, Alisa released her debut single titled Omalicha Nwa and quickly followed it up with a video directed by ace director Oludare.



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  2. She's ugly n looks older than 25

  3. Replies
    1. Ugly pple always admire their own

    2. Pls don't mind that idiot

  4. I'll download it later, I'm still using my. MB Ƒσя other important things.

  5. If this agadi is 25, then I need to ask my mum some questions...I'm 27 and I look waaaaayyyy wa

  6. for all its worth she may actually be 25.age na just number biko

  7. Dats cool...God bless ur hustle ma'am.

  8. Hia...sorry but MB is so expensive nw. Saving it for important thns. Thanks to airtel

  9. Seriously, she's ugly, she doesn't hv such a 'wow' voice, the song is lame, and so is the video.#truth

  10. She is beautiful, lovely shape but this lady is more than 25. I love the song........ Haters go and uge transformer

  11. Yep, they are rushing to 'uge' transformer right now.

  12. she looks great. she's different and unique. i love the song but the video...... well, not too good. haters kiss my bum

  13. Great music!!! haters will always criticize.get a life

  14. ok, enough said...... NEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXT.

  15. She myt be 25 butlooks older. Im 25 but pple mistake me for 21 coz i luk younger. Now if somone can luk younger, wat mks u guys tink one cnt luk older too...



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