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Hot Or Not? Nkiru Anumudu's Look At Agbani Darego's Birthday Party

Nkiru Anumudu in Stella McCartney
January 6th, 2013, Miss World 2001 winner, Agbani Darego celebrated her birthday - 30 years old at the Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos.
And above is what one of Lagos’ most photographed women and style trend star, Nkiru Anumudu wore to the party.
You like?
Meanwhile, check out what Tiwa Savage wore to the party after the cut.
Tiwa's Christian Louboutin shoes actually cost N159k!
Am soo tripping for Tiwa. Lov, lov lov dat gurl!! Agbani looks fab too!

Late MC Loph's Son Gets Adopted By Loph's Record Label Boss

Late MC Loph's son Obiajulu Jnr has been adopted by Morgan Entertainment boss, Emeka Morgan Oguejiofor (late MC Loph's Record Label).

MC Loph's fiancee Nkiru, a medical practitioner had given birth to Obiajulu Jnr on Tuesday 20th March 2012, four months after her fiance died in an auto crash as the couple travelled home to Enugu State for their traditional marriage.

In a statement, Emeka, late Loph's boss said:

''MC Loph's family became my second family from the very day that unfortunate incident happened. and I have been living up to expectations. This is not a joking matter. No one prays for a thing like this, but once it happens, it's no time to start feasting on it negatively. None of these people who called themselves MC Loph's friends have deemed it fit to even pay a visit to is mother and yet they maintained they are his friends and Morgan. As for Obiajulu Jnr. (Loph's son), he has been adopted by me, which makes him my son and as his father, I have and will continue to be responsible for his upkeep''

Check Out Wizkid's Multi Million Naira Lekki Home


Who God has blessed........

Big congratulations to him and he's moving in immediately.

Dude is doing real good.

Meet IcePrince's True Girlfriend Lala, Not Yvonne Nwosu!


We are getting there o - Naija's Chris Brown, Rihanna, Kareuche love triangle.

Yvonne Nwosu last year Christmas spent the holidays in Ghana with rapper Iceprince and recently posted a pic of her and Iceprince in bed together with this caption ‘Aint nobody’s business’.

Now friends who really know Iceprince's girl obviously got pissed by the fronting and decided to speak for Lala, Iceprince's true boo on Twitter.

Now, my question is - since LaLa is Iceprince's girl, what's Iceprince doing in Yvonne's bed?

Ice Prince has a son, Jamal and Yvonne has a daughter too.

Birds of the same feather now bed together, huh? *hehhe*

My Family Was Robbed 2 Nights Ago, Dearies

I'm so sorry guys I haven't been able to update my blog for the past two days now.

Sincerely, just when you think things couldn't get more worse, another hits you unexpectedly.
These past two days have been kinda traumatic for me.

We were robbed early hours of the morning on Monday.
A huge amount was stolen but thankfully, no one was hurt.
So since then, my hubby and I have been in and out with the police.
Some suspects have been arrested, sincerely, I have been depressed.
The money wasn't even ours but since it was in our care, we had to pay it back.
*sighs* the story long, true.

But I'm grateful my family is safe.
Money comes, money goes, money can always be re-made.
And the suspects are talking too.
You guys need to hear the powerful prayer I made this morning.
My kids sef feel am. *smiles*

God dey! My own is I haven't robbed anybody before and stolen what isn't mine.
God won't let our enemies rejoice over us this new year, IJN!
To lose that amount of money no be beans o.

On a lighter note, my  EDD was yesterday. (google EDD to know what it means if you dont get it *winks*)
So I am warming up for the labour pains any moment from now.
Please pray for meee oo.
Safe delivery is all I'm begging God for right now.

Then on the 13th of this month, my first baby Dubem will be 4 years old!
Yes oo!!
I don get 4 year old pickin, so I'm a big gurl @28!!! *laffssss*
Hubby and I was planning a big party for him to celebrate, then this happened to us.
Devil can't steal my shine oo. Not this 2013!
So, we still going to be celebrating, tho it would now be on family levels.

Hmm, my dear.
Please, forgive me for not posting.
My new year resolution included I must post everyday!
Even on the day I give birth.
But sincerely, I couldn't when this happened.
I couldn't even go to work.
And everyone kept on trying to calm me down, I needed to stay strong so my BP doesn't rise in anyway.
Family good ohh! They were my support. Dad, mum, inlaws, siblings, some of you called, tweeted and I told them what happened.
They were my rock, thanks guys.

It's well, right?

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