Monday, January 14

Yayy!!! Meet My New Baby, Letem

My new baby Chukwuletem
Ohh!! Finally I get to steal a free moment and get online.
Baby is soundly sleeping right now but damn, my whole body is aching.
What's up, dearies?
Missed y'all truly oo and yea, please celebrate with me.
Yayy!! My new baby is here and trust me, he's the most gorgeous, adorable, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, fabulous, handsome baby ever!!
His name is Chukwuletem meaning God takes care of me.
Am super excited, dearies, came back home with him from the hospital this morning after he was born 8:35pm last night.
Remember I told y'all my first boy was going to be 4 yesterday and his daddy and me had planned a lil family celebration for him.
So, when I woke up yesterday (Sunday) morning, everyone at home in a birthday mood, singing for Dubem, my first son, last thing I ever imagined happening was going into labor by 7pm same day and putting to bed an hour plus later.
I really praise God but mehn, that labor was one hell of a thing. *lol*
You would expect that it being my third, the pain will be less but nahhh!!!!
I screamed, wept, begged, cried my lungs out, so much so that one of the nurses asked me if it was my first.
I really thank God oo.
I'm home now with my baby, we doing so great.
My mum will be arriving by tommorrow for omugwo.
So, that's it!
The hardest part is over now and I thank y'all for your support.
I will soon resume full time gist blogging.
Av gat no bank work and customers to attend to for the next 60 working days! Hurray!!!
All I can ask is you give me some time, a day or two to heal.
My ass hurts real bad, I can't even sit up straight just yet.
You hear, mbok?
Meanwhile, here are pics of my older 2 boys Chidubem and Chiebunigom from yesterday's birthday celebration.
Dubem is 4, Ebunigom is 2+, Letem is a day old and I'm gorgeously 28! *winks*
Nothing's wrong with his right foot. This one too na posing.

Peace out! *hahha*

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