Monday, January 21

Picture Of Peter Odemwingie's New Baby - Noah Odemwingie

Awww, soo cute.

Baby Noah was born yesterday, January 20th 2013.

Congrats to the new, excited parents - Peter & Sarah.

See The Things That Happen Only In Nigerian Movies

This is so hilarious but unfortuntely true in my opinion.
It's only in Nigerian movies you would see the following happen - True or False?
  • A girl carries the same hairstyle, even after 2 years.
  • A ghost looks left and right before crossing the road.
  • A policeman with 6-rounds revolver keeps shooting at armed robbers more than 20 times. The bullet dey generate itself like DNA?
  • A man wants to send his wife packing, he goes into the room and comes out in seconds with about 3 ready packed bags as if the wife had already prepared herself for the event.
  • A mother travels from the village to Lagos, argues with her son about not having a male child, then back to the village...THE SAME DAY!
  • You'd see the camera man through the side body of a car or when u look closely into Jim Iyke's huge glasses.
  • A woman barges into her husband with another woman in a hotel room. Abi who give her key?
Feel free to add your own funny observations. *lol*
Nollywood is improving though, no doubt about that.

Very Dirty Inside Photos Of A Female Hostel At Medical School Idi Araba (LUTH)

Frankly, these pics aren't any different from what we used to have at my University back then in 2004/2005.

These are pictures of a female hostel at Medical School Idi Araba (Lagos University Teaching Hospital)

Sometimes, I still wonder how we as students managed to live through and with all this decay and how as parents, we would gladly send our kids off to 'federal', 'state owned', 'Government' schools if these conditions don't change.

It's really an eyesore and imagine all the diseases one can get being exposed to this everyday! *Yuck*

More pics after the cut.

I'm Still Here oo

Really been a very busy first week of my new baby's life.

Haven't still been able to post consistently cos once I'm seated to post, either he wakes up or there's another guest who's come to see the new baby at the door.

Do bear with me. I'm still here, please.

It's his eight day on earth today so we took him to get circumcised.

Poor lil baby has been crying almost all day cos of the pain.

It's well jare. Male circumcision is a painful must have.

Hope y'all ok?

Please do bear with my being temporarily MIA.

Beyonce & Michelle Obama's Stunning Obama Inauguration Outfits

Today, being Martin Luther King Day in the US, President Barack Obama took the oath of office to kick off his second term as president.

And as sure as ever, Hip Hop couple Jay-z and Beyonce looked like royalty as they arrived at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC. 

Beyonce, dressed in Emilio Pucci, and the ever stylish, gorgeous First Lady Michelle Obama wearing a custom Thom Browne navy coat and dress looked so radiant.

Really, this is the best Monday EVER for we proud blacks - Obama gets inaugurated second time as US President, on Martin Luther King Day and Beyonce's singing the anthem.
More pics of the couples after the cut.

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