Sunday, January 27

Agbani Darego Dazzles On the Cover Of ThisDay Style

33 Cover Article (Agbani)
44-46 Cover Article (Agbani)2
One word - Amazeballs!
More pics after cut.

Who Rocked It Better? Nneka Or Baby Mandy?

This is Nneka and her cute lil baby Mandy. Nneka is my blog reader and she just sent me the pic.
My mum says Baby Mandy rocked it better. What do you think?

Brazil Night Club Fire Kills 245 In Santa Maria

At least 245 people have died in a fire that swept through a nightclub in a university city in southern Brazil, leaving hundreds injured.

The fire began when a band let off fireworks at the Kiss club in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul and a stampede ensued immediately as party goers pushed and shoved each other to get out.

"We looked up at the ceiling in front of the stage and it was catching fire," eyewitness Luana Santos Silva, 23, told Brazil's Globo TV.

"My sister grabbed me and dragged me out on the ground."
The exit, she said, was a "small door for lots of people to come out by".
The young woman's sister, Aline Santos Silva, 29, added: "We managed to see it in time and to get out quickly, before the smoke began to spread.
"The smoke spread really quickly, it didn't give enough time for people to get out. I think people started to feel unwell, and then they began to come out covered in black smoke stains."

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