Wednesday, May 1

Check Out The Swag On Mercy Aigbe's Baby


What Would You Do, Guys? True Life Story

A cheating boyfriend dumps you after you got pregnant for him.
For all the most selfish reasons best known to him, because he believes you will mess up his swag with the pregnancy, he totally denies you. Throws you out into the cold.
To make matters worse, he goes around telling people you had been sleeping around, cheating on him and now you got trapped with a pregnancy, you want to push it on him.

I Am In A Relationship – Doris Simeon

Edo State-born actress, Doris Simeon, (Stella Damasus's new man's ex-wife) talked about her life, her marriage, how she coped with the scandal and if she will remarry in this interview with ‘Nonye Ben-Nwankwo.

  • Every young girl will always remember her first boyfriend, do you remember yours? 
I remember that I did ‘shakara’ a lot when I was growing up. ‘Toasting’ then was just writing letters. But when I was growing up, the guys I liked never asked me out. The ones I didn’t like would always flock around me. I don’t think I remember having a first boyfriend. It was actually when I started

Mr & Mrs 2Shotz Looking So Fab...


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