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Pink Pearl Foundation Tackles Breast and Cervical Cancer In Abia State & Cameroon (Photos)

Pink Pearl founded in October 2007, by Orode Ryan Okpu; has continued to show its dedication, determination, and assertiveness in eradicating Breast and Cervical Cancer in Nigeria, creating awareness in every state in the country, launching over 40 programs to support the cause.

In its nature of giving back to the community, the Pink Pearl Foundation train headed to the eastern part of Nigeria - Abia State.
With support from the First Lady of Abia State, Her Excellency, Chief Lady Mrs. Mercy Odochi Orji, the foundation ran an awareness raising campaign and provided free Breast and Cervical Cancer screenings.

Richard Branson Turns Stewardess After Losing Bet (HILARIOUS Photos)

richard branson loses bet
British business magnate and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson had his legs shaved, put on full make-up and squeezed into a flight attendant's red skirt to honour a bet he lost.
Two years ago, Branson and AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes wagered on their Formula 1 racing teams, each man betting his own team would finish ahead of the other's in the 2010 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

They agreed the loser would have to serve as a female flight attendant on the winner's airline.

Branson lost and last Sunday, he honored the bet by serving on a special AirAsia X charity flight.
More hilarious pics after the cut *lol*

Funke Akindele Looking Hot for Role (Photo)

funke akindele oloyede
Picture is of Ruth Kadiri and Funke Akindele-Oloyede on set today, acting as prostitutes.
I'm loving the hair on Funke.

Kemi Olunloyo Hospitalized, After Massive Asthma Attack

kemi olunloyo
Kemi Olunloyo needs no introduction.
But sadly, she is currently hospitalized after a massive asthma attack. Turns out Kemi reacted to some roses yesterday on Mother's day. She was so close to a cardiac arrest. But thankfully, she is responding to treatment now.
Wishing her a fast recovery. Kemi says she's had asthma since she was 2 years old.

Check Out Artiste Waje's Face With No Makeup On

waje no makeup face

She still fine, right?

Bootylicious Nollywood Actress Daniella Lashes Out At Her Haters

Here's what she posted on her Instagram page:
To all dem haters out der.  
Facebook commenters, witches, enemies to happiness, Facebook inboxers, all those people wen better tin Dey Purge their eyes.  
Monitoring spirits, those wen they dey their house dey plan people life, 'she did dis' she didn't do dis', she should ve done dis'. 
 Those holy saints, mothers of Jesus and fathers of Mary, those broke ass bicthes and hungry broke guys who send u stupid inboxes toasting and asking 4 ur number and when they don't get a reply, they start making hateful comments on ur pix. 
 All those jealousy fat Amoeba woman wen don lose their shape, wey their husband don abandon 4 house, all dying in silentce and covering under the canopy of marriage. Sending inbox and making comments 'go and marry'. 
 All those beast dat sit in their miserable house and thanks to social media networks have no limit to wat Dey post and comment they make on people's walls and pix.  

DIS IS WAT I VE TO TELL U!! (continue after the cut)

Lover Catches Nollywood Top Actress Trying To Lace His Food With Juju!

nollywood celebrity scandal

This is according to YES! Magazine which hit the street today. 

Another major scandal has just blown open in Nollywood. Even though two of the dramatis personae are running up and down, fighting hard to kill it.
The reason being that both of them had initially denied dating. They even swore at some point.

The producer is married with kids, but the actress is still single. Both of them are from the same state in the South East.

No Marriage Is Perfect - Comedian Klint Da Drunk

klint da drunk lilien
Comedian and actor, Afaemena Igwemba a.k.a Klint da Drunk and his wife, Lilien give an insight into what makes their six-year-old marriage tick in an interview with Punch.
The sweet couple have been married for  sweet happy years.

Please read.
  • How long have you been married?
Klint: We thank God for the journey so far because we have been married for six happy years.
  • How did you meet?
Lilien: We met in Jos, where I used to reside. Not like we planned to meet but it just happened. According to my husband, when he saw me, he told his friend, ‘That is my wife, I will marry that girl.’
  • Did you entertain any fears about dating and later marrying someone in the limelight?

Who Wore It Better? Beauty Queens Sylvia Nduka VS Ene Lawani

The eyes, I mean. *winks.
Another pic after the cut

Boyfriend Snatching In Nollywood: Anita Joseph VS Oyinye Obodoechima

Anita and Odinaka

Onyinye Obodoechima.

Culled from Stella Dimokokorkus Blog

Actress Anita Joseph has stirred the hornets nest with her latest love interest..... 22yr old Anambra born Odinaka Onigwe who is her friend's boyfriend.

Odinaka was the boyfriend of upcoming Actress Onyinye Obodoechina and things were fine between them even though Onyinye was thrown out of a set for flaunting her relationship with the young boy.
According to an eye witness, the producer of the movie where this fight occurred is Jospeh Okafor and he had a bitter fight on set with Anita and Odinaka.

''It started in Awka eight weeks ago when Oyinye learnt that Anita had taken over her relationship with Odinaka.
 Joseph Okafor was introduced to Odinaka to start acting and earn a living and Oyinye and Odinaka met on one of Josephs set and though Joseph frowned at their dating, it didn't stop them and they turned a blind eye to his warnings and Joseph threw both of them out of his movie because of their relationship.

Check Out Denrele's New Super Hot Pictures!


The crazy, sweet media personality has been on the set of his new show on ChannelO for the past two days in SouthAfrica.
And here are some very interesting pictures from the set.

There's something wrong in one of these pictures.
Can you spot it? *lol* Look very very well.

As you read this, the ChannelO VJ is off to São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro!

More pictures below

Mercy Aigbe Shows Off Her In-Law

mercy aigbe mum in law
Another pic after the cut

Jay-Z's Exact Lookalike Spotted In A Photo Taken In 1939! (VERY WEIRD Photo)

jayz 1939 lookalike

A photo of man bearing a striking resemblance to Jay-Z has surfaced, and if it wasn't for the
fact that it was taken in 1939, you'd swear it was JayZ himself.
Take a closer look at the picture after the cut

The photo is “Harlem Loiterers” by the street photographer Sid Grossman and it was stumbled across recently by a curator at the New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research In Black Culture.

And the New York Public Library swears, the old photo of the guy who looks scarily like Jay-Z really is an unretouched, un-Photoshopped image from 1939.

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