Tuesday, May 21

This Laila's Blog Reader Looks Like IcePrince. Do You Agree?

Please meet my dearest reader Kelechi Uwazie. He is an upcoming artist, but wants to get his master degree first before he goes into music fully.
He graduated from UNIABJ as an economist. He is currently serving..
What do you think?
More pics after the cut

Ini Edo Shares A New Picture Of Herself With No MakeUp

ini edo makeup face
She's missing her husband, I guess. *sad face

Comedienne Princess Tells Her Beautiful Love Story. Must Read!

Excited, happily wedded comedian Princess gushed about the hero in her life Adeshola Jeremiah, how they met, up to their big wedding day in the latest issue of City People.
  • What Attracted Princess to Adeshola Jeremiah
 Well he is a quiet person and if not for the fact that I am into entertainment, I also like my privacy, I don’t like unnecessary show-off. If I go somewhere and they don’t recognize me, that is very okay by me, I just love to be myself.
  • How She Met Him

How I Handle The Insults Nigerians Throw At Me - Soundcity's Moet Abebe

Sorry guys that I'm just coming online. As you read this, I'm sitting infront of my laptop, still in my work suit and tie, my baby in one hand, the other hand typing this.
I just got home from work. There's been a lot to do, deadlines to beat. So, please no too vex. We cool now.

Back to our Star gist, here's what Laura Monyeazo Abebe aka Moet said when she was asked how she handles insults people throw at her in a very recent interview with Flytime TV.
Moet actually has a law degree from the University of Manchester.
With the work I do I always hope for the best but expect the worst. I hope I have been able to get genuine fans who love and appreciate what I do but at the same time, I do know that not everyone will like me as I am very far from perfect.
So I expect to get a few insults tossed at me here and there especially on twitter. I often

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