Sunday, July 7

Woman Hacked To Death By Her Children

Last Wednesday, the sleepy town of Lampese, a border town between Kogi and Edo states, was thrown into confusion when the slain body of a woman was found.

PMNews reports that the woman, identified as Mrs. Itowo Ojeifo, was said to have been lured to a farm road by her two children. They then macheted her to death.

The suspected killers were the woman’s 25-year-old daughter identified as Omolayo Ojeifo (25) and

#BBATheChase: Question Of The Day

So, last night, our dear sweet Bev of Bev got to share a loooong kiss with South African housemate  Angelo, obviously to relieve some sexual tension.
And like everyone's been talking about it.

Beverly, Angelo, hot in the mood had disappeared into their room and started making out. Passions ignited, Angelo got on top of the Nigerian model and was ready for the next move before Beverly kinda got back to her senses and pushed him off.

Add that to all the other passionate scenes we have seen this year on Big Brother Africa, and that brings me to my question, and pleaseee guys, let's answer truthfully.


If you were a housemate, do you think you would act as sex- starved as most of these housemates have done?

I Actually Had An Accident Yesterday, Guys (Pictures)

And that was why I didn't make any post yesterday.

Hubby, myself and our driver, we were travelling. It happened 5:45am. I was even sleeping in the car.

Next thing I heard my husband scream our driver's name, I woke up, the car was spinning, airbag out, next thing I felt something hit my head so hard, lights out.

What's Soooo Sweet About This Picture?

Look real hard, it's not that hard to spot though, only if you are a sweet man. *winks*
Ladies would spot it so easily.

Who's seen it yet?

Couple in the pic is actually singer Adokiye and a friend.

Another Naija Boy Weds His Oyibo Cougar In Nigeria

Awww, they look so happy together.
Big congrats to them. *lmao*

Kumuyi Offers To Resign Over Son's Wedding Controversy, Bride's Father Punished!

Pastor William Kumuyi has offered to resign as General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church following the controversy that trailed his 2nd son's wedding.

Already, the newlyweds had been suspended despite showing remorse and tendering an apology to the church, blaming their misconduct on the fact that both of them had resided abroad for so long.

Beyonce's Dad Remarries! Singer and Sister Solange Do Not Attend


Beyoncé's dad and former manger, Mathew Knowles is a married man!

Matthew Knowles, 61, married former model Gena Charmaine Avery, 48,  on Sunday, June 30 in Houston, after being engaged to her, for a year and a half but his daughters were nowhere to be seen at the nuptials.

Reason given was that they had previous engagements which made it impossible for them to attend.

Knowles' divorced Beyonce and Solange's mother, Tina, in 2011 after 31 years of marriage.

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