Friday, July 12

Juliet Ibrahim Visits SaveOJB Committee To Make Peace

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim recently visited the Save OJB committee headed by musician and producer, Nomoreloss in Lagos.

You also get to watch them make up on National TV (NTA) on Rose Peter Graham's 'Sugar and Spice' in the video below.

Nomoreloss said her letter was insulting, Juliet had to read out her letter in order to make everyone see it from her point of view.
Interesting, must watch video.

Picture by MovieMoments

Jude Okoye Shows Off His Wads Of Mint Dollar Notes On Instagram

Big boy doing big boy thangs! *winks
Jude posted this picture of himself and friend Papii J shopping online for a new ride.
He is currently in Congo Brazzaville with brothers PSquare for a concert.

Insanely Corrupt Hospital In Zimbabwe Charges Women $5 For Each Scream During Childbirth

Corruption is reportedly so systemic in Zimbabwe, one of Africa’s poorest countries, that a local hospital charges pregnant women $5(N800) every time they scream while giving birth.

The new report from Transparency International on corruption around the world says the penalty was for “raising false alarm.” but clearly aimed at separating mothers from their money.

Women who can’t afford the high fees are sometimes detained at the hospital and charged interest until their family can pay up.
As a result, many Zimbabwean mothers give birth at home because they can’t afford the charges.

This is a country, according to United Nations reports, that on average, eight mothers die during childbirth every single day!

Unexpected work took me out of town. But all's good now. No too vex abeg. Won't happen like this again. Promise.

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