Friday, July 26

Why I Am Not Married - Jude Okoye

•Jude Okoye
Here's what Jude Okoye, PSquare's elder brother and manager said in an interview with Bayo Adetu PMNews.
  • Peter and Paul already have kids; and we all know their heartthrobs. Can you tell us the one in your life?
Why are you people always forcing me to come to the public? I don’t want to be a celebrity and I am not one of them. I don’t sing, dance or act.

I love where I am now (hiding myself) and if I love to do that, how do you expect me to introduce the lady I am dating? Back to your question, I have somebody, yes. That’s all.
Like I said, I have somebody but I won’t tell you her name.
  • So, when are you kicking bachelorhood?

SinzuSMG Shows Off His Latest Rides

 Nigerian rapper, Babalola Falemi, formerly known as Sauce Kid, now SinzuSMG  posted this picture on Instagram, showing off his latest cool rides. #Balling

Someone says that's some real shit drug money.
I no know about that one o. *lol*

Spotted: Oge Okoye At The Airport Leaving For Lagos Yesterday

Flavour N'Abania Shows Off His Tattoos

Nigeria's sexiest music artiste. * hehhehehe*

Egor Efiok Denies Saying Oge Okoye Had Hypertension


Sometime in May, while trying to explain why Nigerians need to give Monalisa Chinda and her new man Lanre Nzeribe a break and love them as a couple, publicist Egor Efiok revealed that hate comments thrown at Oge Okoye had gotten her hypertensive.
Egor had said:
Why can't you feel happy for Monalisa after knowing what she has been through? Do you want to kill all our celebs with your bullying? I thought you had learnt after Goldie. Celebrities are human and have feelings.  
In her attempt to re-brand herself, you bullied Oge Okoye and made her hypertensive. "She's an mgbeke"...she's this...she's that..." you kept firing! While you were busy bullying her for nothing, more talent scouts were noticing her.  
You can read Egor's story here in case you missed it.
That comment drew more negative reactions from the public and in a recent interview with Stella Dimokokorkus, Egor tried to explain what she really meant.

  • There was a recent uproar about a letter you wrote and I would like you to explain a few issues that I believe the public would also want answered. First of all, people were annoyed about you revealing Oge Okoye's medical history.
Well, about that, I must admit that I can be over emotional and spontaneous. If I'd given myself 24

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