Monday, September 16

Anselm Madubuko Buys His New Wife Emmy Kosgei A BMW X6 Wedding Gift

General Overseer, Revival Assembly Apostle Anselm Madubuko recently bought and presented his new wife Kenyan singer Emmy Kosgei this white BMW X6 as his wedding gift to her.
Another picture of the customized plate numbered ride after the cut

KCee Performs For IG & Wife At Their Wedding

KCee is definitely riding high.
He got the chance to perform for the Inspector General of Police and his pretty bride Zarah Bunu at their wedding last Saturday.

Ufuoma Ejenobor's Outfit To Glam Report Launch

Nollywood actress Ufuoma Ejenobor was also at the launch event of Glam Report TV last night in Lagos.
Her outfit to the event, you like?

Woman Gives Birth on Board Arik Flight to London

An Arik Air flight with over 100 passengers en route to London Sunday was forced to make an emergency landing in Palmas, Spain, as a woman went into labour and gave birth while the aircraft was airborne.
According to Thisday, the pilot had to request the emergency landing on the advice of two doctors who were on board the aircraft and had helped the mother deliver the baby.

When the passenger went into labour, the cabin crew had asked that doctors on board the flight to identify themselves.
Following the announcement, two of the passengers came forward, saying they were doctors and assisted in the delivery of the baby.
After the birth of the child, the mother, whose identity has so far been withheld, experienced

Woman Kills Her 4Days Old Baby Boy Because He Interferred With Her Prositution Job

A four-day-old baby boy has been gruesomely murdered by his own mother who fed him with a N40 rat poison.
Binta Shuaibu, 20, conspired with her friend, Hindatu Umar, 27, to commit the dastardly act in Dan Amarya village, Danja Local Government Area of Katsina State.
The mother and her co-conspirator are now answering to the wicked act in police custody.

What could make a mother willfully kill her own baby?
The suspect, Binta tells her story to Sunday Sun:

I was born in Layin-Ruwa, Kafur Local Government Area Katsina State. I got married 11years ago and my husband, Inusa later forced me to divorce him. I have only one son, Aminu for him. 
After the divorce, I decided to go into prostitution. The money I got from prostitution is what I use to feed my father in the village. My father had divorced my mother because my mother begged him to allow me to return to my former husband, but my father rejected the advice. My father divorced my mother because of that. 
While engaged in prostitution, I suddenly had an unwanted pregnancy, which I did not terminate. I was able to conceal the pregnancy and successfully had the baby boy delivered in my room. 
The ward head, Maiunguwa in the village where I was doing prostitution had warned all prostitutes not to have unwanted pregnancy, and that anyone who got pregnant must relocate to any nearby village to deliver and care for the baby there. 
But because of the warning by village head, I was at a loss to what to do with the baby and my calling as a prostitute. 
My good friend, Hindatu Umar suggested that since we do not want to stop prostitution, we should kill the baby. We both went into the street and bought rat poison for N40 and used it to kill the baby.
Asked how the baby was actually killed, Binta said:
It was about midnight that the act was carried out. I told my friend, Hindatu that I would not want to witness the killing of my own child. 
Hindatu was the one who fed my baby with the poison. She forced him to drink the poison. When she wanted to do it, I went into the other room and took a drug, Valium 5 and slept off. I woke up to see that my baby was dead. We wrapped the dead body with clothes.

News of the heinous crime soon filtered out and the partners in crime were apprehended.
Binta spoke further:
“Unknown to us, the ward head had heard about the news that my baby was killed. He quickly went to Danja Police Station, reported the incident and we were arrested by the police.”

In her own confession, Hindatu Umar said:
I am a prostitute. My friend, Binta delivered a baby boy and we have a law by the ward head in the village of Danja that he doesn’t want any unwanted pregnancy and that any of us prostitutes who gets pregnant should leave the village and deliver the baby in the next village. 
We still enjoy our job as prostitutes and so, we both decided to kill the baby. I suggested to her to kill the baby. We went into the street and bought local rat killer and by midnight I gave the baby the poison and he drank the poison and died instantly. I took the container and dropped it in the toilet. Later the news spread and policemen from Danja Police Station arrested us.”

Katsina State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Hurdi told Sunday Sun that “it was when the news spread the following morning that the ward head reported the incident to Danja Police Station and this led to the arrest of the two suspects, Binta Shuaibu and Hindatu Umar who are currently at the State CID under investigation.”

CP Hurdi added that the baby had been buried, while the mother of the baby, Binta and her partner, both of whom conspired to commit the murder, would face the wrath of the law.
The commissioner said after investigation had been concluded, the suspects would be charged to court.

In A Big Blackberry Wahala With My Girlfriend - What Do I Do?

I am a young man ..close to 30yrs.. my girlfriend is 23... something happened last week Saturday ..I want to share..and I need truthful comments.

Ever since I got her a girlfriend has turned to a walking ghost. I talk to her, she damns me.
She is easily carried away, chatting with people and friends and reading rubbish and how a man should treat a woman right.
All these don't even bother me. The new one is that she shouts me down and frequently walks out on me.
All these have been happening for over 4months. I don talk tire but my girlfriend who believes that a man and a woman are on the same level has refused to change.

On the 7th of this month, I went to pick her from her house to take her to my place.
As I dey drive, she dey press her phone. She was smiling and just talking to herself., I didn't even bother.

We got home late that evening...from her house to my word uttered.
When we got home, I put off the car and went to open gate, my madam girfriend was still pressing BB Phone.
I put off the car.and started carrying stuffs, she was still pressing phone. Then she came out, held the phone with one hand and was using the other hand to carry stuffs one by one.
I did the best I could, locked the car doors and I went into the house.

Because of the gate I opened, I was wet a bit as it was raining. So, I started looking for dry clothes to wear.
She sensed I was angry and she started following me up and down..I just ignored her.

Then she asked me can one block someone on WHATSAPP ? and I said.."I DONT KNOW".. she just seeing the way I replied her..shouted right in my front "OHHHHHH" and hissed and walked away.. I just stood there amazed..

Because stuffs we brought in were still lying on the ground and she walked to the palour still pressing her phone, I was so pissed.
Then after I changed into something warm, I walked straight to the palour. Still seeing her pressing phone ohh.. with that annoyance..I asked her.. "GIVE ME DAT PHONE" AND she said NO.

So, I took the phone and smashed it with annoyance on the ground and the screen just scattered.. only for her to burst into tears, crying.
The next day was her birthday, she said the birthday party was cancelled oh..say she no dey do again..I had to pet her till the next day, she refused.
I had to call my uncle who now begged her before she agreed to have the party.

TO REMIND me spend money to do birthday for her ohh.. I even had to borrow extra money from my brother to make sure it was cool and beautifull..and I made sure she smiled on that day..

The next day, she now said she needs her phone back working. I was shocked. I told her dat I was broke..I no get money..that is she not aware that I used all my money to do her birthday party, she said that for me to destroy her property, I must take responsibility to fix it.

Since monday last week, her face has been like a car that was jammed from the back. She talks to me rudely. She even said she wants a break in the relationship!
This is a girl that I have given certain privileges to, which I will not disclose here and even her friends envy her..

Yesterday she said that she dey watch me since and I have refused to do the phone, that I should go and find money to fix it...even if I bought the phone for he, that i should fix it. I told her I would get a smaller phone for her..she said NO.

What should I do? Please say.

Tuface Idibia - 'I Actually Invited Blackface To My Dubai Wedding'

Yesterday, Tuface Idibia was guest on ChannelsTV's  'Rubbing Minds' show and he was interviewed by Chude Jideonwo. Ebuka was out of town so Chude sat in for him.

Tuface got to talk about his marriage to Annie, his peace initiative, his Forbe's Top 10 African artistes placement, on how huge his wedding was and why he 'didn't' invite Blackface o his Dubai wedding.
Recall Blackface had said he wasn't seen at Tuface and Annie's Dubai wedding cos he wasn't invited.
  • On what being married was like: 
I have known my wife for a long time so it is basically the same
  • His wedding being huge

Meet The 'The Vampire Woman' - Mum Of 4 & The Most Modified Female In The World!

With tattoos covering 98 percent of her body, multiple embedded horns into her head, implants on her chest and arms and sporting ferocious fangs, Guadalajara's "Vampire Woman" is challenging people's perception of what a housewife and mother should look like.
36 years old Maria Jose Cristerna  is a mother of four who says she lives a "normal life," while running a tattoo shop, living life as a Vampire Woman.
She was married at 17 and was trained as a lawyer, but she gave all of that up as she reinvented her

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