Friday, October 4

Does Rita Dominic Look Awkward In This Picture?

Rita thinks she does...You like?
She is in London at the moment.

Kim Kardashian Shares A New Adorable Picture Of Her Baby With Kanye West, North West

Fine pickin.  

Photos: Ese Walters Enjoying London After Her Sx Scandal With COZA Pastor Biodun

So for the past few weeks I have had the greatest block EVER! I tried and tried to write but just couldn’t.  
My inner critics kept telling me I was done writing. Words kept flooding my head but anytime I sat in front of my laptop, I struggled. “What do I write?” “How do I write?” “Will it make sense?  
I decided then to change focus and give writing a break. I looked at my bucket list, which I wrote about 3 years ago and one of the things I wanted to do before I die, was skydiving.  
Weird huh? Well, it was on the list and I knew at some point I was going to have to do it. Remembering that my personal theme for 2013 is “just do it” I decided to just go ahead

Photo: Breast Cancer Patient Debbie Idiagbonya's Cancer Surgery Was A Success

Here's some awesome news coming from Debbie Idiagbonya Osarere's family and friends.
She is the young cancer patient Nigerian celebrities and good hearted Nigerians too donated  N6million to save her life last year.

According to her family, Debbie has finally done her breast cancer surgery after 12 months of chemotherapy. And she is thanking God and everyone for their support.
Her breasts were completely removed, to be replaced with implants.
Once that is done, Debbie should be back in Nigeria.

I Gave Him A BJ On Our First Date, Would He Still Respect Me?

Ok guys, I really need help, this is a lil complicated.

So me and this guy met 3 months ago- Once only.
Then I moved to a different city and he kept texting me constantly.
His texts got sweeter everyday, and we seemed to have a good chemistry. He would usually text first. I wasn't that into him at the time.
But slowly he grew over me and when I returned back to his city, we decided to meet.
Our date started out amazing, I mean exceptionally great chemistry. Here's where it got f*cked up...

Meet Agagu's Son In-Law Who Walked Out Of The Lagos Crashed Plane By Himself (Phooto)

Agagu's son in law, Mr. Femi Akinsanya actually walked out from the wreckage on his feet.
Reports say  he suffered just a minor injury on his head.

After the crash, Femi reportedly was walking away from the scene, apparently conscious, when the Air Force men who were among the first set of rescuers at the site, came to him.

They helped him control the bleeding from his head injury.
Femi told them he wanted to go home to join his family, but the Air Force personnel told him he was under the Federal Government’s custody and could not go.

Femi was later later rushed to the hospital after he collapsed. He is currently in a coma.

Is This Bod On Daniella Okeke For Real?!

I know Nollywood actress Daniella Okeke is quite bootylicious. Never realized it was this HEAVY! Woww!
Guys be drooling.. *lol*

Tiwa Savage Is In Mauritius Too! Pictures Of Her Chilling With Don Jazzy In A Newspaper Outfit!

We've seen pictures of Don Jazzy and his hot PA Sameerah in beautiful Mauritius, turns out Mavin's First Lady Tiwa Savage also showed up to join the party.
She got to perform at the African Leadership Network event.
Tiwa says her performance was great and she loves it that she's being paid to have fun.
Her newspaper outfit is so lovely too.
More pics after the cut

“Which Gbenga…?!”: How Obasanjo Reacted To News Of His Son’s Rumored Death In Plane Crash

Amid confusion that trailed yesterday’s  plane crash, former president Olusegun Obasanjo, was thrown into temporary shock yesterday when the rumoured death of his son, Gbenga also got to him.
Obasanjo who was in Abeokuta, was having a photo session with primary schools pupils, who had attended a leadership training programme for young leaders at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL), Abeokuta.

And the attention of journalists covering the event was drawn to the sudden changes of the former president’s countenance that showed something was wrong after many calls poured in for him during the session.

Obasanjo was seen shivering and shaking shortly after he received the rumoured  news.
During  the conversation with his caller, which lasted afew seconds, Obasanjo, who was apparently disturbed asked his caller in Yoruba “Gbenga wo; o wa ni Abuja’’  (which literarily means which Gbenga?”He is in Abuja).

He ended the conversation, managed to pose for  pictures and minutes later, whispered into the ears of  Prof. Akin Mobogunje, the chairman of the Centre for Human Security of the (OOPL), who organised the ceremony and they left.

Hoodlums Fight Over Money They Found On Dead Victims Of The Lagos Plane Crash!

While efforts to rescue surviving victims, recover dead victims' bodies from the crashed Associated Airlines aircraft yesterday, Punch reports that some hoodlums were seen exchanging blows and throwing bottles at one another over the money they found on the dead victims.

When their correspondent got to the scene of the incident,  the hoodlums had turned the road leading to the crash site to a boxing ground.
It was learnt that when the hoodlums were assisting in the evacuation of the victims, they allegedly searched the victims’ pockets for money and other valuable things.
And a fight ensued due to alleged ‘insincerity’ in the sharing of the money they stole from the dead.

One of the hoodlums, identified simply as Loko, was heard saying, “You won’t believe that after the whole rescue thing, we luckily found money and they don’t want to share it equally.”

Profile Of The Crashed Associated Airline Plane + Agagu's Family Say They Were Warned Of An Impending Tragedy Before Agagu's Burial, Insists Burial Plans Will Continue!!

The Associated Airlines Embraer 120 plane with registration number 5N-BJY, which crashed in Lagos on Thursday, was manufactured in Brazil in 1990.
Although its first flight date is unknown, the aircraft, with serial number 174, was said to be 23.5 years old.
According to, the plane had been flown by three United States-based airlines for 17 years before being sent to Nigeria, namely - Britt Airlines, Continental Express and JRM Air LLC.
Britt Airlines bought the plane on March 23, 1990, and marked it in US registration as N51726. Continental Express later bought it on September 1, 1990 and kept it under US registration as N51726.
Before coming to Nigeria, the plane was later bought by JRM Air LCC which also marked it N 388JR.
It was flown for six years in the country by Associated Airlines before Thursday’s accident.
Meanwhile, members of the family  of the former Governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Agagu, have insisted that they will  go ahead with the arrangements for his interment despite the plane crash on Thursday.
That while they sympathise with the families of  those  who lost their  loved ones  in the crash, they will go ahead with the burial. The casket bearing Agagu’s  body  was not affected by the crash.
A member of the   Agagu  family, Chief Sehindemi Oguntoye,  said the community had a  premonition  that  a tragedy would occur  before the burial of the former governor. So the family held a prayer session  after it was warned of an impending  tragedy before the burial.
He said:
“The community had  been informed of an impending tragedy and the community had held a vigil  to avert it. The vigil even ended today (Thursday). It was a big tragedy for Iju-Odo community.
We had before the death of Dr. Agagu lost our traditional ruler, and now a plane crash which involves  our loved ones.’’
He, however, urged the community to be fervent in prayers  to prevent further tragedies.
The  residents of the community were in pensive mood, with many of them gathering in front of their houses discussing the incident. St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Iju-Odo  has been renovated for the burial service scheduled for Friday while major roads leading into  the town had  been rehabilitated.
The  grave  where Agagu will be  buried  in the church cemetery has also  been decorated to give him  a befitting farewell.

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