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Graphic Video & Pictures: Nigerian Man Publicly Beaten Till He Bleeds In India

VIEWER'S DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Pictures continue after the cut

On the 30th of October 2013, 37-year-old Obado Uzoma Simeon was found murdered in Parra village, North Goa, India.
According to reports, before Uzoma's death, around 20 men with their faces covered, had attacked some Nigerians outside a restaurant in Parra village.

Uzoma escaped the first attack, but he and another Nigerian, Obinna Paul Obi were again targeted later, and this time, Uzoma was hacked to death.

Bitterly angered by Uzoma's death, hundreds of Nigerians staged a protest against the killing. They

Lady Gets Suspended From Work Because She Refused To Hand Over Cash To Armed Robber

CCTV captured the robber going into the gas station
I think this is cray, but sometimes work policies are work policies. And bosses all the time demand compliance.
Or what do you think about this story?
DailyMail is reporting that a petrol station employee got suspended after she refused to hand over cash to an armed robber.
According to the story, the lady, Betty Green was working at the Speedway gas station in Lexington,

How Don Jazzy's Twitter Rants Exposed His Business Foolishness And Selfishness

Here's a very interesting piece about the Don Jazzy/Wande Coal quarrel written by Ms. Uduak Oduok, an Entertainment attorney.
It's a must read, guys, though it's quite long though. Had to edit to make it shorter. You can read the complete post here.
On a day that should have been all about Tiwa Savage's release of her song 'Eminado’(Goodluck charm) featuring Don Jazzy, Don Jazzy totally pooped on that parade and brought the bad luck charm by undermining Tiwa Savage’s shine with his silly cries on twitter about an alleged theft by his former artist. 
Are Wande Coal and Don Jazzy mates? What rubbish?! Why is Don Jazzy, the egbon (older one and adult) and most importantly the boss getting on Twitter and stooping down to this kind of level as a business owner and leader in the industry?  
It is embarrassing and unacceptable. It also is ridiculous because from the facts, HE

Photo Of The Day - Anti-Nigeria Bill Board Spotted In India

This billboard was spotted in Goa, India.

Fab Photos: Luxury Lifestyle Of A Tomboy Chinese Heiress

Guys, meet Zhang Jiale, China's 22-year-old tomboy heiress.
Zhang Jiale is the daughter of wealthy insurance and electronics businessman, Zhang Jun.
Photos of her glamorous lifestyle recently went viral on China's version of Twitter earlier this year and sparked jealousy and outrage from the public, who said they hated the unfairness behind her wealth.
Surrounded by beautiful young women, flying in private jets, and shopping for the top designer labels, Zhang Jiale's pictures give a glimpse into how the super rich live.
See more pictures after the cut

Governor Chime & Wife Admit She Was Detained…But It Was In Her Best Interest

Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State has confirmed reports that he is keeping his wife incarcerated, but that he is doing so in her interest.
According to Saharareporters, Gov Chime said:
I wanted the best for her and that’s why I pleaded with the doctors to have her treated at home.
That’s also why I allowed her access to her telephone and laptop which unfortunately led to the stage where I’m now being falsely accused of imprisoning or detaining my own wife.” 

With his wife, Clara Chime by his side at a press conference in Enugu, Gov Chime disclosed that the battle concerning his wife’s health situation commenced even before his inauguration in 2011.
It was so bad at a time that she had to be taken out of here (Governor’s Lodge) for treatment.
When she stabilized, I pleaded with her doctors if she could be brought back here to be

Why Don't People Who Cheat Call Off Their Present Relationship Before Cheating?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up after I caught him cheating and it was a very bad breakup.
I asked him why he cheated, he said I wasn't treating him right.

Obviously, that was a very big lie but I kept wondering, you knew you were unhappy, why didn't you just tell me it was over.
Why didn't he just call off our relationship before going ahead to cheat on me. Instead of working me up, then horribly break my heart the way he did?!

Touching Photos: Pope Francis Halts His Weekly General Audience To Kiss And Hold A Sick Man Covered In Boils

New pictures of Pope Francis embracing and comforting a severely disfigured man have gone viral on the internet.

Last Wednesday, the leader of the world’s 1.3billion Catholics was greeting pilgrims following his weekly public audience when the man covered in neuronal tumors approached him, asking for a blessing.
The man suffers from a rare and painful disease called neurofibromatosis, which causes boils, impaired vision and in some cases cancer.
Patients suffering from the ailment, which is genetic and not contagious - are often shunned by society because of their appearance.

People were amazed when Pope Francis instead, kissed the man on the face and blessed him with the sign of the cross.
He was photographed with his eyes tightly shut in prayer for the man.

More pics after the cut

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