Sunday, November 10

Happy Birthday To The Best Lady Ever, Oluyomi Odukoya!

Yesss, Oluyomi sooo deserves to be celebrated, so this is for you, love.
Haven't met you in person yet but you are one of my best friends.

You believe in me, you helped me up when I was down, to even think we met on this blog.

Happy, joyous, belated, merry, most beautiful birthday to you Oluyomi Odukoya.
God will bless you, enrich you and make ALL your dreams come true.

Kisses darl, I love you.

Pictures: Biggest Storm In History Hit Philippines, More Than 1200 Feared Dead, Millions Displaced

A powerful typhoon ripped through the Philippines last Friday, killing more than 1200 people, and leaving many more injured with millions displaced from their homes.

The typhoon, named Haiyan, ranks among the world’s strongest with winds of up to 235mph and gusts of 170mph which left a trail of destruction.
It triggered major landslides, knocked out power and communications and caused catastrophic widespread damage.

Hundreds of homes have been flattened and scores of streets flooded. Victims’ dead bodies littered the streets. 

The storm is now moving towards mainland Asian and is expected to reach Vietnam coastal areas on Sunday morning while humanitarian experts estimate the number of casualties will rise considerably.

David Did Not Kill Goliath, The Bible Is Not Infallible! - Femi Aribisala

Written by Femi Aribisala

One of the myths of Christianity is the infallibility of the bible.
Quoting Paul, some Christians insist every word in the bible is “God-breathed.” (2 Timothy 3:16).

When you identify contradictions in the bible, they either refuse to acknowledge them or try to rationalise them away with highfalutin apologetics.
However, these apologetics have not made the contradictions disappear. All they do is establish that

Segun Arinze's Ex-Wife Ann Njemanze Remarries


Nollywood actress and ex-wife to Nollywood actor Segun Arinze got married yesterday Saturday 09 2013.
3 years after her divorce, the Owerri, Imo State-born actress and her new man exchanged marital vows at her family compound located in Bucknor Estate, Isolo, Lagos.

Ann and Segun had gotten a divorce in 2010, after 14 years of marriage. She also got the custody of her only child who is now 16-year-old.

Big congrats to her.

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