Monday, November 18

Happy Birthday To Peter & Paul Okoye. Sound Sultan Shares A Very Old Photo Of The Twins.

The Psquare twins are a year older today. Happy birthday to them.
Check out this very old photo of them with Sound Sultan before their internationally celebrated fame and real good fortune.

God bless them!

Like Seriously, I Don Finally Tire!

I just had to do this to address the people that said I was beefing Linda or something like that, by posting a story she never made.

Linda posted that story just the way I wrote it here earlier on today.
I couldn't call Bayo myself cos I was at work this morning. Linda called him and said this was what happened. I made my post, made sure I added my source and went back to work.
Not knowing that she later edited her story, probably after she got more information.

Here's one thing I want to assure my readers - you are never going to read made up stories on Laila's blog. NEVER!
For every post I put up here, I always make sure it's the truth. Even if the story get K-leg and I'm not so sure about its authenticity, I will always tell you that it is according to so and so.

I am a professional banker, Chemical Engineer by educational qualification, forget that I am a blogger. There are some things I just can't do.
And I''ve been open. Even if I fuck up, I will tell you.

I am not a desperate blogger, I write cos I have the passion, not because I'm hungry, looking for clicks.

I have nothing against Linda. I'm not even jealous of her cos I totally respect her. Linda has paid her dues, worked hard to make a name for herself. She is a role model.
I will be the most stupid person on earth if I'm working to tarnish her image by saying what she never said.

I'm taking my time to explain to you, my dear reader, who wants to see this blog grow.
Not for those who visit just to know if I'm dead yet, then if I'm not, find things I said they can twist to embarrass me, or make this blog a laughing stock.

Integrity is me! I'm never going to lie to you. Anything you read on my blog, take it cos it is the true story.

Linda made that post just the way I wrote it.
But I was at work, so didn't know when she edited her story.

I'm really tired of having to explain everytime. But I do it cos I don't want you good people having doubts about me.

Comments here are talk as you like cos I have NOTHING to hide. Some people really need to take the backseat.
I'm just leaving the office and I'm tired.

Jude Okoye Did NOT Attend Peter Okoye's Wedding And Here's Why!

Linda Ikeji says she just spoke with P-Square's publicity manager, Bayo Adetu, and he confirmed that Jude Okoye was not at Peter and Lola's wedding yesterday.

When she asked why he didn't attend, Bayo said Jude and some members of P-Square's band were stuck in Ghana after their Saturday night show.
That Peter and Paul were able to make the trip back on Sunday morning but not Jude.

And that that is the official reason.

Wow!! I hope their house is in order o!

Check Out Lola Omotayo's Perfect Bridal Makeup

Lola's perfect look for her big day. Makeup was by Banke Meshida-Lawal.

Photo: Peter Okoye Kissing His Wife Lola Omotayo

Karen looks soooo excited. Lol

Photis: Jude Okoye Wasn't At The Studio While His Brother Peter Was Getting Married Yesterday

Just want to share what I think explains Jude's absence in the wedding pics we have seen so far.
You know how these celebrities sometimes purposely start a drama to get us all vibrating, just to amuse themselves.

Number one, that picture Jude shared on his Instagram page was from Saturday,  a day before Peter's wedding.
Jude wasn't  at the studio while his brother was getting married.

So, I'm thinking, you know how weddings are, maybe the family had put him in charge of one part of the wedding and he was so busy at that end, and couldn't take much pictures.

We haven't seen Ailona's pictures at her parents's wedding, Peter's dad and the entire family pictures at the wedding, but that doesn't mean they weren't there for the wedding.
So I'm sure we will be seeing Jude Okoye at the wedding when the official pics are out.

Rukky Sanda's Outfit To Peter & Lola's Wedding

You like?

My Boyfriend Just Proposed But Without A Ring...Is That Okay?

I sure wanted a ring, no matter how cheap it's going to be but my boyfriend says it doesn't matter.
If you were in my shoes, would you mind?

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